Best Bets for Betting on Professional Golf

Betting on professional golf is both exciting and profitable.

The Masters – Golf’s Gift To Us

Each year when the month of April rolls around, sports bettors turn their attention towards Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia. This is the home course of the annual Masters Tournament. Professional golf’s first Major event of the season.

Any hack golfer feels closer to Sarazen Bridge when they have a money on a few golfers.

There are any number of different ways to bet on this event. As well as any weekly golf tournament through your favorite online sportsbooks.

All the top-rated online sports betting sites go all out when an event like the Masters is on the board. This time of year makes it very fun when betting on professional golf.


Betting on Professional Golf – How to Handicap

When using professional golf’s world rankings combined with a player’s past history in any particular event. Handicapping pro golf is not that difficult. The real trick for successfully betting on golf comes down to the actual bets you place.

If you go big on one player’s chances to win this year’s Masters, the overall return on that wager could be huge. For example, the favorite to win this four-round tournament may open at +1200 odds on the Masters’ future board. Any wager on the favorite would return 12-to-1 odds.

However, when you factor in the probability of betting on the outright winner even as the favorite. The odds of cashing that ticket are stacked against you. Given the overall size and depth of talent in the Masters’ field, there are a number of players with a realistic chance to win.

Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20 Bets

Despite the lower all-around return, a smarter way to place this type of individual player bet is to expand the parameters.

For example, you could bet the favorite to finish in the Top 5, Top 10 or even Top 20 of the tournament field. The odds are lower but the probability of winning that bet increases as you expand your options.

One of the smartest ways to bet on any pro golf tournament is through head-to-head matchup odds.

If you bet Rory McIlroy at +105 against Dustin Johnson at -115. All he has to do is post a lower total score than Johnson to win that bet.

These types of betting options are available ahead of each individual round or for the tournament as a whole over all four rounds of play.

Props & Live Odds – Betting on Professional Golf

A good way to expand your betting strategy for a pro golf event is to add in a few prop bet options as well. These betting options range from general tournament props to individual player performance results.

As opposed to betting $50 on one player to win outright. You can place five different $10 wagers on props to increase your overall potential for a positive return.

The most exciting way to wager on pro golf is live after the action has gotten underway.

If you happened to bet $50 on Brooks Koepka to finish in the Top 10 for the tournament. You could double down on that bet live if he gets off to a hot start in the opening round. You could also hedge your bet on a different player using live odds if Koepka gets off to an unexpected bad start in his opening round.

A good starting point for betting on pro golf is to study the entire betting board at your favorite online sportsbooks. Working with multiple betting sites, this also lets you shop for the best betting odds on your favorite players.