Are You Ready for a New Season of MLB Betting?

MLB is back, and so is MLB betting!

2022 MLB Opening Day – Thursday, April 7th

Spring training is just about over in anticipation of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.

All 30 teams are busy preparing for a run at the playoffs and a possible trip to this season’s World Series. MLB bettors can look forward to a full 162-game schedule and a steady dose of daily betting action at your favorite online sportsbooks.

Baseball might not be the biggest betting sport in terms of the total numbers that are involved in MLB betting. The NFL will always be the betting public’s favorite followed by the NBA. However, betting on MLB games offers the best value on the board.

Today’s point spreads and total lines for football and basketball games are about as sharp as it gets. When betting either one, you are basically dealing with a 50/50 proposition to cash a winning wager.

MLB Betting Variety

MLB moneylines is all about added financial risk and reward in a straight-up result. Even the worst MLB teams still win close to 40% of their games during the regular season. This creates a world of opportunity for higher returns on investment by betting underdogs on the MLB moneyline.

Add in betting options for MLB totals and run lines with 1.5-run spreads and there is always value to be found in the odds.

MLB betting lines

You could easily create an entire MLB betting strategy around all the daily prop bet options for the games. Throw in live in-game options for daily games and there is an almost endless amount of MLB action to choose from.

Bet on Early MLB Games

Too many sports bettors wait until after the annual MLB All-Star Game in July to ramp up their baseball betting strategy. Betting on the games early in the season will give you an inside edge against the online books when the pennant races really start to heat up in the summer months.

One simple wagering strategy for baseball is to follow one specific MLB division. It is much easier to become a MLB subject matter expert on five teams as opposed to 30 teams. Whether you gravitate towards the AL East or NL West, by getting to know and understand the particulars of the five teams in any MLB division, you will have much deeper insight into betting the actual games.

Familiarity among teams leads to higher predictability when betting on the outcome of a head-to-head matchup. Baseball is the ultimate sport for a wide array of stats, facts and betting trends. By understanding which stats are important or which trends are relevant in a particular game, you will enhance your overall handicapping efforts.

Watch MLB Betting Lines

The betting lines in baseball are heavily impacted by the starting pitcher for each team in a game.

Once again, this is where focusing your efforts on a smaller number of MLB teams can be extremely helpful. Starters will dictate the pace of a game in the early innings. Some times they will be throwing their best stuff and other days they are off the mark.

By studying and understanding a team’s starting rotation of pitchers, you can start to spot excellent opportunities to go with that team or against it depending on who is on the mound for the opening pitch. Betting baseball is all about capitalizing on hot and cold streaks throughout the season.

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