Worst Scenes in Good Sports Movies

Movies that we may have forgotten about had it not been for one scene dominate sport’s films.  Whether it was the awful Ivan Drago accent on “I must break you!” to lesser known movies, sports cinema are filled with quality scenes that just missed the point.  Ask The Bookie looks at some of the worst scenes in lesser known movies that actually worked for the betterment of the film.

Worst Porn Stace in a Movie – Kevin Costner American Flyers

Early in the career of Kevin Costner, he had movies that were hits and misses.  American Flyers dealt with the cycling world post Moscow Olympics in the mid 80’s.  His character was attempting a comeback after a medical condition derailed his initial efforts.  What could not be cured is the lip rat that decided to take residence just below his nose.  For worst porn mustache imitation in a movie, the award goes to Kevin Costner in this film.

Worst “O” Face in a Sports Movie – Teddy KGB in Rounders

Hollywood has glamorized the face we have all made in the moments we enjoy the most.  It is affectionately known as the O face.  Some of the more lovely ladies have been transformed into less than desirable versions of themselves when they get lost in the moment.  In the movie rounders, John Malkovich plays an overly accented Russian player who losses some of Matt Damon’s money back to him.  Teddy KGB reminds him that it is all a joke and that he is paying him with Matt’s own money.  He proceeds to pretend to be intimate with a television set in an effort to get Damon back to the table to let it ride.

Worst Inspirational Speech in Sports – Locker Room in Slap Shot

Eddie Shore, old time hockey, and anything else of legend that could be used to motivate a team was thrown out the window as an irate owner storms the locker room between periods in the movie Slap Shot.  Somehow the owner quotes fashion shows and the other things he has done for the team in an effort to get them to get back to being the toughest team in the league.  He storms out by saying that no one came to see this bunch of ….well it was NSFW but you get the drift.  Oddly enough, it does get the team to go back out and do what the Chiefs did best and that is fight.

Well there you have it Ask the Bookie, some of the worst moments in sports movies that ended up being funny to boot.  Whether it was the Ron Jeremy like mustache that Kevin sported or how to not accept no from your television if you are a mad russian poker player, these clips are entertaining films with a few great scenes.  Tune in next time to Ask The Bookie for the best scenes in sports that were actually effective in driving home the points they were trying to make