Summer sports betting is a topic every gambler wants to know about.

Summer Sports Betting

The official start of the summer season is June 21. While you might be busy planning your summer vacation down the shore or up to the mountains. You should also be planning your summer sports betting strategy at your favorite online sportsbook.

Too many recreational sports bettors go into summer hibernation just because their favorite betting sports are off the board. Once the NBA Finals come to an end, they put weekly sports betting on the backburner until the new football season rolls around in early September.

If you fall into that group, it is time to put together a summer strategy that keeps you in the game. There is money to be made at your favorite online book over the next two and half months.

There is also some tremendous betting value on the board if you know how and where to look. Canadian football provides great value.

Find Something You Enjoy

The first part of the process is to find a few sports or sporting events that pique your interest. MLB daily games would top the list as the easiest and most accessible sport to bet during the summer.

A good starting point would be to check the upcoming MLB schedule for weekend series that includes your favorite teams.

Sports fans tend to group themselves geographically. If you happen to be a Philadelphia fan, the Phillies are the perfect MLB fill-in team for the NFL’s Eagles and NBA’s 76ers. Rivalries within their MLB division include the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals.

Value & Variety For Summer Sports Betting

You can start small with betting the first game of a new series. Once the starters have been set, you can handicap the matchup based on the money line odds. There is also quite a bit of value betting MLB total lines based on each team’s current form scoring runs.

A fun and easy way to bet on any MLB game is through a grocery list of daily game props.

Pick out a player and bet on their performance in tonight’s game. This is another wager that hinges heavily on current form. If that player has been hot at the plate, the value shifts towards the OVER for performance props.

If they are struggling through a cold spell, the value shifts towards the UNDER on those same props.

We recently wrote an article focusing on betting MLB road teams. Go take a look, it will help your summer sports betting.

PGA Betting is Growing in Popularity

Professional golf has turned into a popular betting sport in recent years. Expanded betting markets at your favorite online sportsbook offer expanded opportunities to make some money betting on this sport.

Betting a straight-up winner of any golf tournament is the easiest bet to place but it is also the hardest to cash in. Look for betting odds covering head-to-head matchups over the course of all four rounds. The golfer you bet on only has to finish the four rounds with a lower total score than the golfer they were pitted against.

If you are still stuck on betting football and basketball. The CFL is playing weekend football games north of the border and the WNBA is back on the board for summer basketball.

You already know how to bet on these two sports so it becomes easy to get up to speed on each of these pro sports leagues. There are only nine teams in the CFL and 12 teams in the WNBA.