What is Price per Head?


What is Price per Head?

Price per head is a service in the sportsbook industry that allows bookies to outsource their operations. It can be used by any bookies in the industry – whether large or small – to reduce their overhead costs giving them more time and money to focus on their customers and on developing their business.

Price per Head Services

Price per head services includes customer service representatives who can take your customers’ bets by telephone, online betting software, data reports and more. In many cases, you will have access to multilingual support and 24/7 operations. You will be provided with a domain name with a fully customizable site where your customers can log in to place bets. In addition to customizing your site, you can customize your customer’s profiles in terms of betting limits, parlay and teaser options and more. Your customers will also be provided with toll free numbers for placing bets. In many cases these numbers are private allowing the price per head service to personalize their dealing with you.

Benefits of Price per Head

Data reports will provide you with information related to your customers’ activity which will allow you to perform certain tasks so that you will have control over every bet that is placed. Bookies can offer a customized experience which will provide their customers with a personal experience that is catered to their needs. By outsourcing your betting services you will reduce your overhead in areas such as office space, the cost of recruiting and training telephone operators, call costs, insurance costs and more. The bookies can pass all the backend management issues on to the price per head service including issues related to payouts, odds, updates and risk management. This in turn allows the bookies to focus on their customers, on increasing their customer base and on promoting the growth of their business.

Customers will be provided with a simple and smooth betting experience. Being able to bet at any time of the day or night, in multiple different languages, from the comfort of your own home via telephone or internet will provide customers with a high level of convenience.

As a bookie, you will be required to pay for active customers –those who actually place bets and not for your inactive customers. Price per head turns out to be a cost-effective and efficient way for bookies to do business and it provides customers with a personalized and convenient betting experience.

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