Use Opportunities to Make More Money with a Pay Per Head

Bookies are in the bookie business for a couple of reasons but reason number one comes down to one faithful, time-tested idea; the “bottom line”. Let’s be clear, being a bookie is fun, there is the action, the thrill of winning, and best of all, you’re the boss, however, there is one common theme among bookies and that’s winning. You must stay ahead of the game, you must stay in front of your clients. Nobody wants to give their money away. Of course, bookies expect to lose now-and-then, thinking otherwise would be nothing but unrealistic expectations.

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If you are a bookie and you are struggling to find the best ways in which to grow your profits, then you must make the appropriate changes in your business model and turn the profit margins in your favor. Nobody, that has any reasonable idea of how the bookie business works, will tell you that it’s easy to win all of the time. Quite the contrary. Experienced bookies will testify that the business can be marginal, there can be big swings, and profits can be lost just as quickly as they are gained. What this means is one thing; you must expand your business in a manner that’s cost effective, time minimizing, and practical.


The best, and most successful bookies the world over, have discovered what the Pay Per Head companies can offer them and their ever-growing client base. Explore with us exactly how a Pay Per Head functions and how it will lead to a profit explosion.


How a Pay Per Head Works/What is a Pay Per Head?



  • A pay per head is a turnkey ready, online sportsbook, and casino.


  • The pay per head service does everything for the bookie. They take care of the accounting, in other words, they do the math for the bookie.


  • As a bookie, you take in the cash one way or another, now it is your job to take your clients bets. Along with that job comes the duties of setting the daily lines, on the daily sporting events. Now, it is your job to keep track of how many bets you have taken in, how much money your clients have spent on any given day, how much you won, and how much you lost. It is mandatory to keep track of all these elements and you must keep track on a daily basis, or your business will spiral out of control in a hurry.



Where to Sign-Up for a Pay Per Head…


  • There are more than a few companies that offer a fantastic pay per head service, but remember, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Not all pay per head services are alike and some are certainly better than others.


  • Read the reviews on pay per head companies and offerings. Find out what other users are saying, who they do business with, who is honest and who has the best customer service.


  • Make Google work for you by conducting a few simple searches such as “best bookie software” and “pay per head reviews”.


How Does a Pay Per Head Help You Make Money?


  • A pay per head accounts for every dollar taken in and every dollar spent, now you have time to do the important work, and that’s finding clients.


  • Do not bog yourself down with administrative duties, this is a waste of time. You did not get into the bookie business to waste time and money. You got into this business so that you can be playing golf while making huge profits! Without a pay per head, you are missing the opportunity to take charge of your profits and your losses.


  • Damage Control: Your pay per head business will give you daily reports that tell you exactly how you won, and how you lost. Now you can take control of how you set your lines, odds, and limits. Without a pay per head service, you are simply guessing, and hoping for large wads of sweaty cash at the end of the week! This is no way to be a successful bookie.


Bookies want and expect their business to grow, however, it’s impossible to grow any successful, client-driven business, when you have no time for the client. Your number one job as a bookie is taking care of your clients and making sure they bet with you and not the other guy. There is one solid and proven way to make more money as a bookie, and that’s using a Pay Per Head. Don’t sell yourself short. Start having fun again and start making enormous profits, you will see the profits with a Pay Per Head.