The 2022 NFL Schedule & Handicapping Futures Odds

Properly handicapping futures odds can pay off dramatically. We are always ready for football!

Busy Month of May in Sports

Heading into the second week of May, both the NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing. There is some great betting action across the board. The new MLB regular season starts its second month of play. While the field is already coming together for the second leg of the Triple Crown at the Preakness Stakes on June 21.

Professional golf’s second Major, the PGA Championship is later in the month. Along with a full board of betting odds covering a number of different sports.

Nonetheless, the biggest storyline with avid sports bettors this week is the highly anticipated release of the 2022 NFL regular season schedule. With the college draft in the books, the next stage of the extended NFL offseason gets underway.

Handicapping Futures Odds Betting Board

Once the official NFL schedule is released, online sportsbooks everywhere will be posting the opening betting spreads for all 16 Week 1 games. Some online books will go as far to release the early spread for all the NFL games through the full 18 weeks of play.

The release of the annual NFL schedule also leads to a full complement of NFL futures betting. Odds to win the next Super Bowl have been out for months.  Handicapping futures odds can live a life of itself.

Odds to win a conference championship or division title for the upcoming season have already been released as well. Once online books know each week’s schedule of games, they will begin to rapidly expand their overall betting board for NFL futures bets.

Art or Science – Handicapping Futures Odds

There is both an art and a science to handicapping NFL futures odds.

While more than a few bettors jumped all over the Los Angeles Rams as early Super Bowl favorites this time last year. The money was barely trickling in on the Cincinnati Bengals as the team to beat in the AFC.

With the 2022 NFL weekly schedule poised to make its debut, the Buffalo Bills top the list as the offseason favorite to win the next Super Bowl. The Bills’ futures odds are set at +675 followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+800) and Kansas City Chiefs (+1000). 

The Rams’ NFL futures odds to repeat as champs are set at +1100. The Bengals’ odds to win the Super Bowl this time around are set at +1800.


Predictable May Not Be So Predictable

The one constant in handicapping NFL futures is a certain level of predictability. When Tom Brady decided to retire, Tampa Bay fell off the radar as a top favorite. As soon as he changed his mind, the Bucs were back on the screen.

As long as Aaron Rodgers is playing in Green Bay, the Packers will rank high on the NFL futures list for a Super Bowl title. Their odds stand at +1100 as the fourth best on the board.

After handicapping futures odds, where would you have these numbers? That’s where you’ll find your value.

The hot bet this offseason has been the Denver Broncos with Russell Wilson in place as their new starting quarterback. Denver’s odds to win Super Bowl LVII are set at +1800. The Broncos (+900) are fourth in the list to win the AFC and they are +260 third-favorites behind Kansas City (+170) and the Los Angeles Chargers (+240) to win the AFC West.

One general handicapping tip for betting NFL futures is to spread out the actual wagers you place. If you are going to bet $100 on NFL futures, making 10 different $10 bets is probably the best way to maximize your overall return on investment.