Sports Handicapping Sites, Are they Worth the Time?

If you are like most sports gamblers, then you are always searching for extra time to handicap these games. Handicapping sports is not easy, there are good days and there are bad days and there is a loss factor. The sports betting schedule keeps any good handicapper hopping and it will absolutely keep the average working guy hopping. It is simply close to impossible to really handicap any game on any sport correctly if you have a full time job!

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Football is right around the corner and when it comes to betting this sport; you absolutely must do some serious handicapping. Do not go this season alone. The average football bettor struggles to hit 50% and in order to just simply beat the juice, one must hit 52-54%. This is not an easy task, especially in the NFL. College football is a bit easier to call on a weekly basis, but it can still be difficult.

Many college football bettors are novice bettors, meaning they don’t bet that often and when they do, they usually bet favorites or their favorite team or their girlfriends favorite team or any number of other factors that’s important to a gambler that never gambles! Some novice players never learn, and they become weekly novice players (they still haven’t learned), don’t be like these people. If you do become like these people, you will go broke quickly.

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Here is what they do when betting college football specifically: They show up in Vegas or they go online when their favorite team or better yet, their alma mater is playing, and they look at the numbers, example… Saturday, November 17 th —The Citadel vs. Alabama. Now, we do not know what Alabama’s record is going to be come November 17 th , but if the past is any indication for the reigning champions of college football, then it is likely they will be undefeated. The novice will see the lopsided number and think there is no way that even with a juggernaut like Alabama; they will think there is no way they will cover the huge spread, this is a big mistake in college football betting and it happens more often than most people think. In college football, great teams cover the big spreads and they cover them often.

What can you do to beat the bookies?

There are one of two things that you must do. You must either work night and day to become an accomplished handicapper or you must hire a handicapping service. This is the prime example of when a top notch handicapping service is worth their weight in gold. You must not go it alone this year. Find a website that offers sports betting tips, and information to help you become a smarter bettor, that also has a stellar reputation. Usually the handicapping websites offer a free trial. Check one of them out and let them do the work for you. You will not be sorry, and you will be shocked how reliable their picks are. You play to win, so do everything you can to do exactly that.

There are a few fantastic, online bookies that are offering handicapping! Check them out and get the most bang for your buck.