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Life, liberty and the pursuit of gambling, drunkenness, and debauchery; is this what it has all come down to? Maybe, for some certainly, and for others, hey, we are simply trying to recoup from the 18 beatings that we took while betting every week of the NFL!

Hopefully you all were the smart ones and won a pile of cake on Saturdays.

The bad news, college football Saturdays have come and gone like a sleepy mid-winters nap and us diehards are left waiting for the last week of August to roll back around.

College football may have hit the deck and the NFL is nearly there as well. We are down to the last hoorah in the NFL playoffs, two more weekends and that’s all she wrote. Two more great games to bet on and then the Super Bowl.

It’s not too late to take bets from the Super Bowl. With a turnkey sportsbook solution, a quality Pay Per Head service will have you up and running within the hour.

Folks, there are exactly three more football games to bet on this season. We have the two respective championships– the AFC and the NFC. They both look like great games, there is no question about this and sure, there will be betting value to find somewhere between the Saints vs. Rams, and Chiefs vs. Patriots. Without question, there will be value to be had in these two affairs. BUT—is this it, have we officially hit the skids for the gambling season until August and September roll around and the NCAA and NFL Football are back?

Is the drinking and debauchery over? No, let your favorite watering hole know that you still need your old faithful table. Restock the mini-bar in your mancave, this thing is just winding up and the real betting season has just begun. There is a lot of beer to drink, a lot of craziness in-store. Don’t give up on the madness just yet. We all need to get some of that NFL money back.

Who knows how much we lost and damn it, who cares? It’s water under the bridge. It was fun, it was craziness and it was almost untold riches and a flipping of the bird to the boss and an early retirement, but not this year.

We just missed it so what do we do? We saddle up and put our drinking and gambling hats back on and hit the handicapping highway. Because this is what we do. This is our happiness and nobody can take it away from us.

What are we looking at, what is there to bet on?

NFL Props — bet them and bet them hard. If you want to make the bookie pay you back for everything that you have given him to this point, then play NFL props on the AFC and NFC Championship games. There isn’t a better way to make a quick buck and restock the betting bankroll.

What Props are Available — It’s a great question, however, there are much too many to list here, so be sure and check with your favorite online sportsbook’s website in the “How to Bet” section and check them out.

Check out the list of NFL prop categories:

Team Props

Player Props

Playoff Props

Special Props

Scoring Props

Offensive props

Defensive Props

Special Teams Props

First Half Props

Second Half Props

Quarter Props

You will find massive amount of props for the two upcoming NFL Championship games as well as for the Super Bowl. Play this one smart and bang the props this next week. This is where the real money betting football is, and the Sharps make a killing betting them. You can too, but you need to sober up for a few hours, quit crying about the past and look to the future. This is football, there is no crying in football, that’s for soccer!

Basketball — YES, that’s right. You heard it here. Listen, you have all heard about how everyone hates the NBA. Everyone loves college basketball. Ok, well, we get it. The NBA is full of clowns, full of a bunch of millionaires that don’t give two hoots about winning until June, and that’s only if their team happen to make it to June.

We understand; however, we don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to make money off these degenerate fools! Of course half of the NBA is filled with lazy a-holes, this makes the betting value so much more of, well, a betting value!

Betting the NBA is not even as close to as hard as some people make it out to be. Betting the NBA is a winning proposition if you find some great handicapping advice and listen to people who have been there, done the research, and know the teams.

NCAA College basketball is an even better league to bet on and there are many fantastic teams to follow.

Who’s a Great College Basketball Bet right Now?





There are many more and you simply must jump on the NCAA and start making that money back. Start building wealth. Forget the beer, let’s think Champaign. Betting on NCAA basketball will buy the Champaign!

The NHL — We saved the best for last! The NHL is the sport that the “wise guys” the “sharps” — they are killing it!

The NHL is by far and away the best moneymaker in sports gambling. The home underdogs are winning 70% of the time!

Want some more sportsbetting strategy?

You will not and will never see these kinds of numbers in any other sport. If you want to make fantastic money, if you even want to make a handsome living; then bet the NHL. The NHL is another sport that offers great props and an enormous amount of betting options.

Want a free NHL pick from a guy who knows hockey? Here’s one for you from our Free Pick Of the Day. Joe and I have a great winning percentage, check later for an article outlining our picks.

But start living again. Stock up on your favorite brew. Get out the cigar that you were saving for a special occasion and start partying again. This weekend kicks off a very special season of sports gambling and you don’t want to miss a single second of the action. Call your favorite online sportsbook right now and get back in the game.