Revolutionary Handicapper Software Coming Into Focus

It’s time to unveil our newest project inside the Smarter Bettor team. We are building revolutionary handicapper software. It has been something we have wanted to do for years now, but with the right people, creation has begun.

Let’s say you’re a sports handicapper. You have carved out a little piece of the action in your own world, but you long for more. There just seems like there is a lot more money to be made out there.

You’re right. There is, and soon new, revolutionary handicapper software will be available to help you get to the next level. And maybe even a few levels past that.

Think Pay Per Head – Revolutionary Handicapper Software

Being in the industry, you know that there are now a multitude of choices for pay per head software. Bookies can go online and have their own sportsbook operation set up and running live in a matter of hours.

A pay per head provider offers bookies a one-stop turnkey solution for running their business. A bookie needs a website. Done. Bookies need a way to collect and payout money. Done. Reports, customer service, security, and everything you can think of that goes into running a sportsbook is taken care of by a PPH company.

Now, think about those services and how PPH companies offer that type of solution for bookies. Imagine the same comprehensive package but for handicappers.

Very soon, handicappers will have the opportunity to use this new technology and take their businesses to new heights.


Same, But Different

Just like a bookie, the first thing a handicapper will need is a website. That website will have to work on mobile devices like smartphones. It will also need to be optimized for search so that prospective customers can find it. Our software will include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that will make getting you at the top of Google searches much easier.

Unless you’re a handicapper/web master, you’re going to need help getting to the top. Building a website and all the design that goes with it can be pretty expensive. So can the software that takes care of all your payments. And, don’t forget your customer support and a myriad of other services you need to be a successful handicapper.

This new capper technology will take care of everything a sports handicapper needs to run a successful operation. Like pay per head does for bookies, this new release will offer a handicapper the ability to set up shop in a matter of hours.

Before we move on, did you know that betting golf is the latest betting trend bringing in big bucks to bettors?

The Menu – Revolutionary Handicapper Software

With the release of this new technology, handicappers will have the ability to order from a very substantial menu. Think of it like your favorite fast food restaurant only with better selections and the potential to make tons of money instead of developing heart disease.

Cappers can order a la carte and choose the individual features they want. You need a website and payment system, but you have the marketing covered. No problem. You would also have the ability to order the “value meal,” if so desired, and purchase the entire suite of capper technology products.

The revolutionary handicapper will include, but not limited to:

  • Large betting menu options to provide your customers with a large variety of picks
  • Delivery system – SMS, text and email
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • User and customer support
  • User management
  • Pick analysis
  • Capper hub
  • Social media

Revolutionary Handicapper Software Modernizing the Industry

While bookies have a wide range of choices when it comes to pay per head companies, there is nothing out there like that for the sports handicapper. Handicappers are stuck in limbo while technology in other areas of sports gambling takes off. That’s why the pay per head industry is so big right now.

And now, the handicapper boom is coming. This technology will take cappers from the 1990s to the 2020s, and the technology will offer all sorts of benefits to those who use it.

The software will first be released at, then rolled out to our close friends in the capper industry before it’s made available to the public.

Cappers will have the option to join a community with other cappers. All will have the ability to be part of a “handicapper’s hub” where they can help market each other’s picks. With one click, you’ll be part of the fastest growing handicapper network in the world!

There will also be services such as newsletters and other marketing tools available all designed with one goal in mind – give handicappers everything they need in order to be successful.

It won’t be long now. This new complete, comprehensive handicapper software is set to take the industry by storm very soon. Once it does, there will be no turning back. Handicappers – and those wishing to become handicappers – will be able to have their very own operation up and running within hours.

With the backend of their business taken care of, handicappers can do what they do best – handicap games and offer winning betting picks. Plus, they can work on growing their business and, in the end, make more money.

Look for this revolutionary new capper software in the marketplace soon.