– Online Sportsbook Review Main Details: hit the online market in 2014 and came roaring out of the gate as a trendy newcomer with a slick user interface and smooth lines. This bookmaker understands what gamblers want to look at when they dial up a betting site. They want a site that’s easy to read, easy to find the lines and odds, and easy to place bets. It takes more than a few years for any new online bookie to build a loyal client base, these guys have done it in less than six! 

They have loyal clients because they are known to be fair, honest, and they payout quickly. They do not hide your money, play with your money or lie to you about rollovers. They tell you upfront what kind of rollover you are looking at and if you do take a bonus, they explain all of the rules. Nobody in this business makes friends by not explaining the rules. is based in Costa Rica as so many others are. They hire industry knowledgeable agents that are willing to go the extra mile to make your experience above average. offers all of the major sports from the United States as well as a host of others from around the world. They realize that gamblers want betting options and they offer a great wagering menu. It’s simple, easy to read but is all-inclusive. Pretty much anyway that you would want to bet, they offer it. offers a fantastic racebook that features more than 75 tracks from around the world and they pay “real-time” odds-track odds. You will also find a Las Vegas-style casino that features all of the best and latest slot machines, the popular table games and live dealers. No matter what you like to bet on or how you like to bet it – it’s likely that offers it. If they don’t, ask them, they are open to betting suggestions. Bonus Plan: offers a great bonus on all American sports along with a bonus on international soccer as well as more than a few international sports. Like most online bookmakers, they offer a 50% matching bonus to new players and matching bonuses to return players. They will explain how the rollover works. has no intention of deceitful practice or hiding the facts. They understand that many players would rather play cash only. They will work with you either way. No matter what your preference may be, they offer a little something for everyone. 

Should you not be a bonus player, offers a wide verity of contests. Some of them are 100% free while others do require a deposit. You will find the contest’s worthy of your time. They promise guaranteed winners and they keep their word. Like we said, this bookmaker is honest. They will tell you the rollover rule upfront, they will tell you what it takes to be “payout ready”. Nobody is perfect, however, this bookmaker tries to be, it shows, and their players appreciate the effort. Software: uses a state of the art software that has been a proven winner in the gaming industry since the early 90s’. They style themselves after the RDG Corp, ( a software pioneer). You will find the best user interface in the online market. They have a professional appearance but most of all, it’s user friendly. The software offers a great wagering menu with a wide verity of ways to bet. You will never be bored with this sportsbook and you will love the “runtime”, they are never down. Selection: offers a wide verity of American sporting events, politics, foreign sports and much more. No matter what you’re into such as UFC, golf, tennis, auto racing, rugby, they offer it. Should you have a wandering eye, they feature a fantastic racebook as well as a Las Vegas-style casino. These folks are as real as it gets with sharp lines and odds and a vast wagering menu. Support:

Featuring an 800 number that’s accessible from the United States as well as friendly and gaming knowledgeable agents – should you need to contact them, they are always available with a helping hand. We found their customer service to be above average and supportive. Withdrawals: makes payouts quick, simple, and easy. There is simply no hassle with this group. They realize players want to be paid, they make it a point to pay you on time and they offer great methods such as Bitcoin, person-to-person, bank wire, money order, and more. Payouts are a snap. Deposits: does not believe in running you all over town to get the money in. They accept credit cards with limits to $1,000 as well as Bitcoin, person-to-person, bank wire and more. is an overall great online bookie that features great lines and odds and an easy to use website. We highly recommend using this sportsbook for all of your online gaming needs.