Pay Per Head Fixed-Odds Horse Betting Options

Offer horse betting options at your online sportsbook with pay per head services.

Fixed-Odds Horse Betting Options

The annual running of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs takes place the first Saturday in May. Known as the most exciting two minutes in sports. This $3 million-dollar race for the best three-year old Thoroughbreds in the nation has always been a huge sports betting event.

Working with a quality pay per head bookie software provider. Private bookies have the ability to offer live horse racing to an active sports betting base. They can do this through a comprehensive racebook software application.

Your players can bet the daily card at horse racing tracks all across North America. As well as around the world using pari-mutuel track odds.

Run Your Own Online Racebook

Running your own online racebook is an excellent way to supplement sports betting volume and profit on a year-round basis.

When big racing events roll around like the Kentucky Derby. You can also build extra profit for your sportsbook through pay per head fixed-odds horse betting options.

The three easiest ways to take advantage of this opportunity is by posting betting odds for:

– Race Futures

– Head-to-Head Matchups

– Horse Racing Props

Race futures for an event as big as the Kentucky Derby is an easy way to build the betting handle for the first Saturday in May. Avid sports bettors are interested in locking in their odds for betting on the winner. Bettors like the idea of knowing what their return will be, when the actually bet is placed.

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Horse Betting Options Include Pari-Mutuel Odds

Relying on the pari-mutuel odds at a live track puts that return in a constant state of flux until the actual race goes off. Your 10-to-1 pick at fixed odds ahead of the race might get bet down to 6-to-1 or lower based on the pari-mutuel betting money coming in.

By offering fixed odds on horse racing’s biggest races, you will be able to attract more of your pure sports bettors’ money on that race.

There are many great ways to build your customer base and profit for the Kentucky Derby. Start by posting head-to-head matchup odds for any number of pairings. By working closely with your pay per head betting lines supplier. You can take full  advantage of the expanded 20-horse field for this race.

With a head-to-head bet, one horse only has to finish ahead of the horse they are pitted against. This is a much more attractive wager for pure sports bettors who are not interested in picking the actual winner. Your head-to-head fixed odds betting handle will automatically produce a higher hold given the overall number of winning and losing possibilities.

Prop Bet Options – Build Your Betting Board With a PPH

A third way to boost your fixed odds profits for major horse racing events is through specific prop bet options. Your pay per head provider can help you build out your annual Kentucky Derby betting board. Do this with any number of different props covering every aspect of this race.

By building a strong base of betting action for this race. You can capitalize on the entire Triple Crown racing series with added interest in the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. There are major graded events on the horse racing calendar all summer long. This is leading up to each fall’s Breeders’ Cup in early November.

Interest in fixed-odds betting options for horse racing is on the rise, in general. By working closely with your PPH service, you can take full advantage of the opportunity.