How to build your bankroll at your favorite sportsbook

Anytime you have just about every major sport in action at the same time it becomes very important to constantly assess the success or failure of your current betting strategies. If it is late November and you are still getting killed on your straight bets for football, it may be time to change things up with a few parlay plays or some if bets. To try and earn the best return on your betting dollar, you should always be aware of everything your favorite online sportsbook has to offer when it comes to betting on the games.

Too many sports bettors let themselves fall into a rut where they never change things up from one week to the next. Even if you are up for the season and happy with your overall results, you should still keep an open mind to some possible betting alternatives that could really add a boost to your betting bankroll. With today’s highly sophisticated online betting sites for the top offshore sportsbooks in the game, it has never been easier to explore your betting options for any sport on the board.

Exotic bets such as parlays, teasers and pleasers, reverses and if bets tend to intimidate most recreational sports bettors who are more than content with just sticking to straight bets on sides and totals. While these types of betting options may seem a bit too complex for your betting style, there can be certain times when a small two-team parlay or a three-team if bet is the best way to go. You should at the very least take the time to educate yourself on how each of these types of exotic betting options work so you can always have the option of going in that direction if  the right opportunity arises.

Another type of wager that most bettors shy away from is the moneyline for sports such as football and basketball. If you have ever made a straight bet on an underdog in one of these sports that went on to win that game straight-up, you left money on the table. Anytime you have a very high level of confidence in a team getting points to win that particular game outright, you should immediately be thinking about the moneyline odds for that matchup. While there is some added risk in not getting the points in a straight bet, you can earn a much higher return by going with the moneyline in this type of betting situation.

Another money making opportunity that often slips through the cracks for your average recreational sports bettor are prop bet odds. Just about every game in the NFL, NBA and NHL will have a list of team and player props that can not only add some more betting action to the matchup, but add some extra cash to the betting bankroll. This is not to say that you should go crazy betting on props for all the games, but it does suggest that you should be aware of what is available as far as these added betting options for any given day. Chances are, if you are taking the time to handicap a particular game in terms of betting on a side or a total, you will also be able to find a prop bet that goes hand-in-hand with your picks.

The bottom line when it comes to betting on sports with your favorite online sportsbook is to not be afraid to expand your horizons when it comes to added options on their betting board. You just might find a couple of golden opportunities that can add a boost to the bankroll.