Offshore Sportsbooks vs. US Sportsbooks: Odds Boosters

Competition within the online sportsbook industry is fierce these days, and one of the difference makers is odds boosters. This is especially true with the start of the new football season. While the overall market is expanding at an accelerated pace, so have the actual number of books taking action online.

The industry can be broken down into two main categories. The wily old veterans are the offshore sportsbooks catering to the US market through their online betting platform. The young guns are all the US-based sportsbooks taking bets in regulated states.

Clear Advantage Goes to Offshore

The offshore books still offer the clear advantage in this matchup for a number of different reasons. At the top of that list is the huge edge in experience over the US-based sportsbook operators with a few years under their belts. Some offshore books have been in business for more than two decades.

A close second on the comparison list would be competitive betting odds. Offshore books are licensed and regulated in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. They have adopted very favorable terms and conditions for legal sports betting. The fact that these online books have been in operation so long and have figured it out gives bettors many offshore sportsbook benefits.

The US-based books are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by each individual state they operate in. Certain states charge high taxes and fees that directly impact a book’s ability to field competitive betting lines.

Other states have betting restrictions in place that hurt a US book’s competitiveness. A perfect example of this is the inability to take betting action on in-state college football teams.

The average sports bettor is not well versed in the competitiveness of betting lines and odds. However, by simply comparing the betting lines at a top-rated offshore book to a popular US-based book, this lack of competitiveness is easy to find.

What are Odds Boosters?

This is especially true when it comes to added betting options known as “odds boosters.” In most cases, odds boosters are presented in the form of a special prop bet option or parlay play.

The one thing that every odd booster option has in common is a higher return on a winning ticket.  The individual book offering daily odds booster options is obviously trying to get you to bet in a certain direction. 

The main reason that book is willing to boost the odds is to help their cause. Maybe they are trying to offset some heavier action on a particular game. Maybe they are trying to entice you into a low probability wager.

How to Use Odds Boosters

Whatever the case may be, odds booster opportunities do serve a purpose. It affects a sports bettor’s overall betting strategy as long as you love those picks.

If you are going to take the added risk in betting odds boosters, then you should also shoot for the highest return on that investment.

Since daily odds booster options tend to be unique to each online betting site, you need to shop these types of bets in a different way.

For example, a top-rated offshore sportsbook is offering a two-team parlay play that you absolutely love at +300. At the same time, a popular US-based book is offering a totally different two-team parlay that you love at +275.

Now the true action junkie might bet both options. Then hope to benefit more from the higher return at the offshore book. A savvy bettor would take the boosted return at +300 and walk away from the other play.

The whole idea of odds boosters is to earn the best return possible on a winning play. You need to shop your options on a regular basis. Then you will find that odds booster options posted at your favorite offshore betting outlet offer the best betting value overall.