NFL Post Draft Online Sportsbook Betting Options


With live daily sports still ‘off the board’ at online sportsbooks due to the coronavirus, the next best thing is looking ahead to when they will become active again. In order to help the cause, the top-rated online books have expanded their futures and prop bet options for all the major sports. NFL post draft betting options at online sportsbooks offer everything.

Leading the way are a multitude of betting options for the 2020 NFL regular season. Collective fingers are crossed that everything can still get underway on schedule in early September. Until then, there is still plenty of betting options on the board coming off last week’s draft.

America's Bookie- Your Trusted Online Sportsbook

America’s Bookie- Your Trusted Online Sportsbook

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Traditionally once the annual draft has taken place, the bulk of the futures and props for the upcoming NFL season are released. The one noticeable difference this year is opening spreads for Week 1 of the regular season. The actual 17-week schedule has not been released just yet in case any lingering delays change things.

In place of the early betting lines for the actual games, you can still place futures bets on team options such as:

  • The OVER/UNDER on total team wins
  • Head-to-Head matchups for team wins
  • Betting odd to make the playoffs
  • Most and least wins overall
  • Most and least wins AFC & NFC
  • Futures for Super Bowl LV, AFC title, NFC title, division titles

The unique new twist in this lineup is the head-to-head matchups for total wins. The Kansas City Chiefs are tied with Baltimore for most projected wins in the AFC at 11.5. The San Francisco 49ers have the highest win total in the NFC at 10.5. The NFL betting odds in a head-to-head matchup between the Chiefs (-1 win) and the 49ers (+1 win) are set at -110 for either side.

NFL Nastiest Jukes of The 2019-2020 Season

Moving onto betting options for players, there are the standard odds posted for MVP and Defensive Player of the Year as well as Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year.

The added twist in this category is a full list of performance props for the brand new crop of rookies. The OVER/UNDER on Washington Redskins defensive lineman Chase Young’s total sacks is 8.5 with -120 odds for betting either side.

The odds that Jalen Hurts makes at least one start at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles lean towards NO at -125 with -115 betting odds for YES.

How will CeeDee Lamb do this season

How will CeeDee Lamb do this season?

The Dallas Cowboys’ newest wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb has an OVER/UNDER of 850 total receiving yards. The odds favor the UNDER at -140. The odds he goes OVER that total are an even +100.


The list goes on and on and it will probably keep expanding in the coming weeks. Getting sports bettors excited about a season that is still fourth months away can be hard to due under normal conditions. This year in the sports betting world is a whole other story.

The recent NFL draft turned out to be one of the biggest betting events of the year after the Super Bowl. With the completion of the NBA and NHL seasons in serious doubt and the return of MLB games in limbo, the NFL (in any shape or form) still commands the spotlight.

The best online books fully understand this phenomenon and they will do whatever it takes to keep their NFL betting boards as full as possible.