MLB Betting is Back – Prepare Your Sportsbook


First game scheduled for July 23 – Yankees vs. Nationals

Ultimate Fighting Championships and NASCAR opened the door. Boxing soon followed. Now Major League Baseball can boost pay per head sportsbook revenue.

Major League Baseball has decided that it’s time to restart their season. Calling it a restart isn’t correct.

The 2020 MLB Regular Season never took flight. Opening Day never happened when the U.S. economy shut down in mid-March.

Since then, baseball owners and the Major League Baseball Players Association have struggled to find a way to get the season off the ground.

A clause in a March 26 agreement allowed MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to declare a 60-game season. The particulars, players get 37% of their full salaries, should satisfy both sides.

That’s allowed MLB to set their first game for July 23 between the Yankees and Nationals.

Keep reading for our refresher on baseball betting, and how it can help your sportsbook get back on track.

MLB Betting Refresher

When we discuss bookmaking, and especially how bookmakers make money, we often don’t look at baseball as one of the significant sports—the reason why is because baseball doesn’t offer an against the spread betting option.

There are three betting on baseball options. Check out what each is!

Moneyline baseball bets

Wagers on which team wins are the same in baseball as in football, basketball, or soccer. Players make a bet on which team wins the contest.

Agents must be careful with moneyline baseball bets. Pro baseball bettors will dump on favorites that offer -200 or lower odds.


Some pro bettors will wager thousands of dollars on a single baseball game. Pitching versus batting matchups sets the odds.

But, many times, overlay opportunities exist even though the odds imply they don’t. Set max betting limits on all moneyline bets, no matter the sport, for this very reason.

MLB run line wagering options

Consider run line betting on baseball akin to soccer handicap betting. In baseball, favorites offer scores on the run line.

Runs offered are seldom more than 1.5. Here’s an example.

  • Dodgers -1.5
  • Angels +1.5

The Dodgers must win by at least two runs, or the Dodgers run line bettor loses the wager.

If the player bet on the Angels at +1.5, the Angels can lose by one run, and the player wins the wager.

Sports betting software agents can gauge true favorites based on what players must risk for the right to give up runs or accept runs. If in the above example, the Dodgers were -1.5 (-175), bookies know they’re heavy favorites.

If the Angels are +1.5 (-250), sportsbook agents know they’re running line underdogs, but not a considerable run line underdog.

Major League Baseball over under betting

Professional baseball betting on totals works the same as it does in football and basketball. Baseball games don’t produce as many “points” as football or basketball does.

Each run is for a single point. So in baseball, it is rare to see a total that’s more than 9 ½. Some totals, especially when two National League teams with great starting pitchers and bullpens play, are at 5 ½ runs or less.

Promote Major League Baseball futures betting

Before July 23, bookies should promote World Series betting options. Right now, the two favored teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.

The Yankees are at +350. The Dodgers are at +325.

Bookies must set max betting limits on both the Dodgers and Yankees. Most money will fly to those two teams.

Also, set max betting limits on all other MLB teams. The Nationals are at +1600 to repeat. Washington must play just 60 games like everyone else.

Can anyone think of a better Top 3 in a starting rotation than Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Patrick Corbin?

The Nats’ starting pitchers could dominate, which means that Washington has a real shot to repeat because this is a shortened season.

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