Mid-Season NFL Pro Handicapping Report Cards

This is the perfect time to grade out NFL pro handicapping report cards. It’s important to look at their first half performance.The NFL regular season turns the corner into the meat of the schedule.

Even if you have decided to go it alone with your weekly NFL bets, you may be able to find some incredible deals on second-half selection packages.

NFL Pro Handicapping Report Cards

In the business of selling pro picks, it becomes easy to tout success and hard to hide from poor results. Every pro handicapper is a NFL superstar in early September. By the time the middle of November rolls around, the proof lies in each one’s season-to-date results.

When it comes to betting on sports in general, hot streaks do not last forever. This holds true for both pro and amateur sports bettors. Just because a pro handicapper has lit things up in the first two months of the NFL season does not guarantee those impressive returns will continue through the rest of the season.

However, a strong first half is still a strong selling point if you are thinking about buying a selection package for the remainder of the games. You still need to dig deep into the results across a wide spectrum of choices. The goal is to combine solid value with a solid performance.

Covet Transparency With NFL Pro Handicapping

The higher the level of transparency with a pro’s results the better. If all you are reading about is a high winning percentage on high unit plays, there is more to the story. You should be able to uncover the entire picture when it comes to their overall NFL results.

NFL pro handicapping is going to present a highlight reel covering the best aspects of their year-to-date NFL results. If you do not find any flaws on the list, you are not looking deep enough. 

You should be able to uncover their overall record for NFL picks to formulate an overall winning percentage. If that record also happens to be strong for high-unit picks, that is definitely an added bonus.

Winning Percentage on the Year

Another important stat to take notice of is how much money they are up for the year. This is a direct correlation to units bet per selection. For example, one particular pro has gone 36-18 with all of their NFL selections. Based on recommended unit plays (at $100 per unit) that same pro is up $5040 with those 54 picks.

If you cannot find this level of detail in a pro’s YTD results for their NFL selection package, it is time to move on to the next name on the list. 

A solid overall winning percentage is a sign of consistency. The total dollars won is a good measure of proper units bet.

Maximizing Value – NFL Pro Handicapping

Always keep in mind that pro selection packages should be wagered on as a whole. This means that maximizing value is tied to betting every selection released at the recommended units. Choosing a top-rated online sportsbook will also help your bottomline. Even if you only bet $10 per unit, this is the only way to maximize the value of buying this package in the first place.

If you are in the black with your NFL picks heading into the second half, keep doing what you are doing and hope for an even better return from now until the end of the season. Maybe your NFL pro handicapping report card is better than most.

If you are looking to turn things around from a losing run, turning to a pro might be the best course of action.