Managing Betting Limits With Pay Per Head Tools


Managing betting limits is the difference between failure and success as a bookie. It’s one of the biggest dilemmas you can face as a private bookie. Meeting a high roller’s betting needs with higher betting limits.

You want their business as a high volume customer.

However, you are not thrilled with the higher financial risk from the standpoint of too much negative exposure.

PPH Will Help You Managing Betting Limits

This is another very important reason why you need to be working with a top-rated pay per head site. Primarily based in Costa Rica, the best pay per head bookie services providers offer a comprehensive suite of business software tools for running and managing a successful bookie business.

One of those tools at your disposal is a pay per head layoff account. This gives you a viable way to reduce your financial exposure on marquee matchups. You will always have the ability to set both credit and betting limits through a personal online account profile for each of your active betting customers.

However, there are going to be times when you need to raise those limits to appease the betting needs of high volume bettors. This is where working with the right pay per head site can help you out. Layoff accounts can be used to shift heavy action from your plate to another viable bookmaking source.

Comprehensive Reports

As part of your software package, pay per head sites offer benefits such as a daily bet ticker, player position reports and a comprehensive online bookie dashboard that closely monitors the daily and weekly action coming in.

By staying well ahead of the curve, you can capitalize on opportunities ahead of time while eliminating the need to deal with issues after the fact.


Laying off action to lower your overall financial risk is a perfect example of this pay per head benefit.

Much More Benefits Other Than Managing Betting Limits

Working with the right pay per head site is similar to taking on a silent business partner that always keeps your business interests top of mind. The best PPH services have the necessary industry experience and sports betting expertise to help you run and manage a successful private bookmaking business.

The ownership groups behind these top-rated PPH sites know exactly what it takes to be successful as a private bookie. These sites also know how to help you grow. Both your betting handle and hold. This is done without having to necessarily grow and expand your overall betting base.

Generating more betting volume from an existing betting base will lead to a higher hold and bottom-line profit. You will also be able to keep your weekly per head costs stable taking this approach to business growth.

However, employing this tactic may involve higher weekly betting limits for high volume players. Putting a system in place to manage these players is paramount to your overall short-term and long-term success. That system has to include the ability to layoff some betting volume from time to time.

Learn What Works For You

You should think of layoff accounts as hedge bets to protect your interests. Your primary goal is to keep every game as balanced as possible when it comes to the betting volume. Basic betting board management tools can usually do the trick. 

However, laying off unwanted volume is always an option to turn to with help from the right pay per head bookie services provider. That is why signing on with a quality bookie services site is one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make.

Getting it right the first time will save you money and aggravation down the road. You’ll quickly learnt that your new PPH service does A LOT more than managing betting limits.