Making the Most of Your Pay Per Head Service


To make it as an independent sports bookmaker in today’s highly competitive sports betting industry, you need to take full advantage of everything your Pay Per Head service brings to the table. Creating multiple streams of income that keep cash flow positive while building your bottom line profits takes hard work, but if you have the right sportsbook management solutions in place you can actually thrive against the big offshore sportsbooks that you have to constantly compete against for a sports bettor’s attention.

The first thing to take into consideration is the simple fact that not all price per head providers are created equal. You need to take the time to shop the market to find a service that is set-up to provide the business tools you need to compete. A good starting point is to find a PPH site that has a quality operating system running on advanced sports betting software. You cannot afford downtime as a private bookie so you need a service with a solid track record of dependability.

When it comes to sports betting software, you need a package that can rival anything the big online books can offer. Your goal is to position yourself as an industry expert and most of the top Pay Per Head services in business today can set your bookmaking operation up with its own customized website. This will not only give you that professional online presence that is necessary to project the quality image you are looking for, it will also act as a powerful marketing tool when it comes to expanding your existing customer base.

Once you have found a Pay Per Head provider with an upgraded operating system and high-level sports betting software, it is time put these tools to work establishing multiple streams of revenue. Most independent bookmakers can do quite well during football and basketball season, but unless you want to operate your business on a part-time basis, you will need to find ways to keep your players engaged when these sports shutdown for the year. Betting lines are the life-blood of your business so you need to create a betting board that offers something for everyone.

One the most important aspects of making a diverse betting board work for you is the ability to make adjustments to your betting lines and change your offerings to suit your business needs. Once again, most of the top PPH providers in the game today will offer this service as part of the weekly per head fee you are already paying for your active betting customers, but it is something worth looking into before signing-up.

Two other important revenue streams can come from an expanded racebook for horse racing and a full-service online casino that offers live dealer games. These are two betting activities that have wide-scale appeal during the times when the sports action tends to slow down. You need a PPH service that can dial you into all the popular horse tracks around the country in an attempt to provide horse racing action on a continual basis starting on the East Coast and working its way west as the day wears on. The best part about building a solid horse racing cliental is that this is a year-round betting event that can help fill-in some hole along the way.

Today’s online casinos are big business and many gamblers are looking for mobile applications to play slots right on their Smart Phone or some other hand-held device. Once again, it will take some work on your part to build this part of the business, but it will pay some huge dividends down the road in the grand scheme of things.