Increase your Client Retention with Pay per Head Service



As a bookie one of the vital aspects of your business is client retention. The more you are able to encourage your clients to stay with you, the more you will be able to focus on recruiting new clients and improving your business. One of the best ways to retain clients is to provide them with the best service they can hope to get. By using pay per head service you will increase your client retention and therefore be able to improve your business.

Offer Increased Games and Wagering Options

When you use pay per head service you are able to offer the maximum amount of choice to your clients. Let your clients choose from more games than ever before – with local games and games from around the world; let them choose from 100s of racetracks and let them choose from multiple different wager types. The more choices you give your clients, the happier they will be to stay with you and you will see an increase in client retention that will translate into a growth in your business.

Offer a 24/7 Call and Online Service

In today’s day and age, clients who are looking to place bets do not generally want to be restricted by hours. Clients are more satisfied when they are able to place bets at any time of the day or night that suits them. This means that the 24/7 call center and online service that is offered by the pay per head service is vital for the satisfaction of your clients. The customizable website that is offered by pay per head service will allow your clients to log on at any time to place bets. Providing a maximum number of convenient ways for clients to place bets will increase client retention and improve the growth of your business.

Offer an International Service

The pay per head service offers an International service in many respects. By being available for placing bets 24/7, players from all over the world can place bets whenever it suits them, with no concern for time differences or convenience. The pay per head service offers multi-lingual services meaning that clients can feel comfortable placing bets regardless of where they are from in the world.

The pay per head service offers sports and events from around the world, offering sports that are familiar with clients no matter where they are from. The International aspect of the pay per head service attract many clients from countries around the world and the convenience and comfort this service offers helps to increase player retention, and therefore helps you to grow your business.


The key to a successful bookie business is to offer a service that appeals to clients so that you will attract new clients to your business and so that you will retain existing clients. By using a top quality pay per head service you will offer convenience and comfort to your clients which will in turn increase client retention and help to maximize your business.

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