Handicapping NHL Playoff Hockey

Handicapping NHL Playoff hockey can net you great profits to end the season.

Handicapping NHL Playoff Hockey

The extended 82-game NHL regular season is drawing to a close. Now, it is time to get serious about betting on hockey in the spring.

The two-month run to the Stanley Cup Championship is filled with opportunities to take full advantage of the best time of the year. We’re getting you ready to bet on this professional sports league.

Maybe you consider yourself to be both a serious NHL bettor and high volume player. The best course of action might be turning to the pros. There is some outstanding value to be found in buying a complete NHL professional selection package for the entire four-round run of best-of-seven series.

Which Handicapping Package to Buy

Finding a professional NHL playoffs handicapping package is relatively easy to do. But it will take some due diligence on your part. Expert sports betting research sites such as AsktheBookie.com is always a great starting point. They do all the heavy lifting across any number of industry reviews so you do not have to.

There are a number of top-notch professional handicappers that specialize in NHL playoff selection packages. However, if you do decide to go this route, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, you need a NHL betting bankroll that can support betting every NHL playoff selection released at the recommended betting units.

All or Nothing Venture

It is next to impossible to pick and choose your spots when betting with the pros. And still generate a positive return. Working with a pro should be viewed as an all or nothing venture.

They produce their best returns over the long haul when betting every selection at the recommended units. If you have the financial wherewithal to stick to the plan. You will be rewarded with a solid return on investment as the winning NHL team skates around the ice with the Stanley Cup.

If you consider yourself a weekend warrior looking to bet a few NHL playoff games each week. You can form your own winning strategy by following these few simple handicapping tips.

Tips When Handicapping NHL Playoff Hockey

The first and most important tip is to pay close attention to each team’s current playing form heading into a best-of-seven series. A team’s overall regular season record is not as nearly as important as its current form. 

Upsets are rather common in NHL playoff hockey. A hot goalie or relentless scoring line can make all the difference in the world.

Home ice offers a slight edge but this should not be overestimated.

The most recent history between two teams is the most relevant. This is especially true in the opening two rounds of divisional play.

Most times, the difference between the No. 1 seed in a division and the other three playoff teams in that same division is rather minimal. Given the high degree of familiarity in these early matchups. The hotter team will normally prevail over the course of an extended postseason series.

Find Your Dogs & Get Value

Another handicapping strategy is to look for an edge betting underdogs on the NHL money line. As mentioned, the NHL playoffs are routinely filled with upsets. Producing a higher money line return can negate the impact of any individual game losses along the way. 

Betting underdogs on the NHL playoff series price also offers some betting value. If your confidence level on a series upset remains high, there is money to be made using this NHL postseason betting market.