Give your Clients More Options with Pay per Head Service


Benefits of Increased Options with Pay per Head

There are many benefits to offering your clients more options. As a general rule, happy clients mean more business and more business is good for you. The more options that you can offer your clients the more player retention you will see and the more opportunities you will have to build your business. Players will be impressed by your huge range of services and this will promote player loyalty. You will see your average handle per player going up significantly and this will mean that you will also see your profits rising significantly. Everyone wants as many options as possible and your clients are no different. By using the pay per head service that offers your clients so many more options than they could imagine, you are promoting a win-win situation – a win for your clients who will appreciate the added options and a win for you who will benefit from client retention. Player satisfaction, loyalty and retention will mean that you can then focus your time and energy on building your business and recruiting even more clients.

Give your Clients more Wagering Options

Using pay per head services you can give your clients more wagering options than ever before. You can let them choose from a huge selection of sports and wager types. Clients will now have simple access to games from all round the world. No longer will sports bettors be limited to local games, but when using the pay per head service, they will be able to bet on International games, as well as local events in different countries around the world. Wager types include straight wager, teasers, money lines, propositions, if bets, reverses, futures, 1st half sides and totals, halftime sides and even more.

Offer your Clients more Racetracks and Horse Wager Types

You can offer your clients more racetracks than ever when using the pay per head service, as well as a huge selection of horse wager types, including Win Place and Show, trifectas, exactas, daily doubles, quinellas, head to head match and many more. In fact, your clients will have access to betting on hundreds of different tracks giving them more options than ever. You will have the option to determine the settings for your clients including maximum bets, maximum payoff odds and maximum payment amounts.

Offer Great Casino Options

Through pay per head service you can offer your clients fabulous casino games such as card games (including poker, baccarat and blackjack), craps, roulette, video slots and more. Now they can enjoy these exciting online casino games when they visit your website thanks to the pay per head service you are using. These are just some of the extra options and benefits you can offer your clients through pay per head service.

Offer Great Customer Support Options

With pay per head service you can offer your clients 24/7 customer service support options. Offer them multiple methods for contacting customer support and you will benefit from happy customers.

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