The Spice of Life When it Comes to Your Pay Per Head Service


Unless you are content to only operate your sports bookmaking business during football season, you need a Pay Per Head provider that is progressive in their approach to making your business as diverse as possible.

Taking action from customer’s bets on popular professional leagues such as the NFL and the NBA will always remain the bulk of your business, but you could be missing out on some golden opportunities to really build your bottom line if you are not working closely with your PPH service on developing additional streams of revenue.

You have to ask yourself the question as a private bookie, “Do I want to just get by, or do I want to get rich”? Chances are you answered yes to the latter and a great starting point to building a business that is positioned for long-term profitable growth is your current relationship with your price per head provider.

The top sportsbook management solution companies in the game today are the ones that are more than willing to make the necessary investments in their operating system and their Internet sports betting software.

These top PPH services know that they have to be able to completely level the playing field when it comes to the independent bookmaking agent competing against the big offshore sportsbook’s online operations. The quickest and best way to do that is through highly sophisticated PPH software that rivals anything these big books use to book their bets.

As a private bookmaking agent, you need to have a professional online presence that will attract potential sports bettor to your website. You also need a system in place for your existing customers that is easy to navigate while being ultra-secure and safe to use. Most of all, you need diversity when it comes to your overall offerings.

It first starts with your actual sports betting board. You need to give your customers what they want or they will start looking for other venues to book their action. You also need to give your customers betting options they did not even know they wanted. Most avid sports bettors are action junkies and if something looks new and exciting they will eventually start betting on it.

Along with daily betting lines for every game, every day of the year you need other options such as futures and props for a wide spectrum of events. While sports will always remain the primary focus, why not offer some futures and props in the field of entertainment or politics? As mentioned, if it looks to be new and exciting, eventually they will bet on it.

An expanded racebook for horse betting is a must these days. This is a year-round activity that can quickly turn into a very valuable revenue stream. This is where you need a quality Pay Per Head service gives you the ability to provide direct betting access to all of the horse tracks across the country that are currently running a daily card.

Another important stream of revenue is online casino gambling. If you want to become that one-stop online gambling shop for your entire customer base, adding a casino complete with a wide variety of slots as well as live dealer table games is a must.

The trick to generating those long-term profits that will turn your start-up venture into a money-making operation that is built to deliver high profits for years to come is diversity. You need to think of yourself as a full service online gambling center as opposed to a someone taking in a few bets on Sunday’s big NFL games.