Delivering First Class Customer Service with Pay Per Head


By Dave Schwab

The Internet sports betting industry is a multi-billion dollar operation that continue to grow in both scope and range every single year. While it tends to be dominated by a large number of big offshore sportsbooks operating online, there is still a tremendous amount of business out there for anyone looking to run and manage their own private sportsbook with the help of a Pay Per Head online bookie software provider.

The main reason why a private bookie can create a significant competitive advantage over even the biggest offshore books is customer service. Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is looking for that added level of personal service and attention to detail that the big online sportsbooks simply cannot provide. This one-on-one relationship is the basic foundation for growing and building your independent bookmaking business into a highly profitable long-term venture.

Today’s top price per head services have the right sportsbook management solutions to not only handle all the day-to-day online transactions that go into a business of this nature; they can also back everything up with a highly trained in-house customer service team that comes from a sports betting background. Having that kind of team on your side is worth far more than the low, weekly price per head fee that you will pay for each of your active betting customers.

While it is still up to you to grow and expand your overall customer base while adding bottom-line profits to your entire operation, you can have the peace of mind that your PPH service’s customer service staff will do everything within their power to help the cause. Consistency and dependability are two of the most important aspects of a call center when it comes to the smooth operation of your private bookie business.

The representatives that work directly with your sports betting customers through your price per head call center are a direct link back to your business, so they must be professional in their approach while also being available on a round the clock basis. Fortunately, most of today’s top Pay Per Head sites have made the necessary investments in both manpower and their operating system to ensure that your bookie business remains up and running 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

One of the biggest advantages that you have over the big online books is the ability to handpick the players that will make up your customer base. This level of control is enhanced by the online sports betting software your PPH service can provide. You should have the ability to set up an individual account profile for everyone you take action from. These profiles not only give you the ability to put certain credit and betting limits in place, they also give you an accurate picture of each player’s daily, weekly and monthly betting activity. Payer activity reports are not only important from a control standpoint, they also create a great marketing tool when it comes to expanding the offerings on your betting board.

If you have a very good feel for what your customers like to bet on, you can always make sure that you are meeting their betting needs. This is a perfect example of that personal attention to detail that is lacking in today’s big online books.

Customer service is king and the more you cater to your existing customer’s needs, the better chance you have of them referring your bookmaking services to their family, friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth advertising is still the best way to build a business, especially when it comes to booking sports bets as a private betting outlet.