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Walters a free man Mickelson gets off easy

Walters a free man, but for how long; Mickelson gets off easy

By The Rex Factor Billy Walters has spent much of the second half of his life as a big winner. The...

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Business Of Baseball And Money

Profitable MLB Betting with Your Pay Per Head Service

Summer is often considered the offseason when it comes to sports betting since most of the major sports leagues are either...

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  • pens Wimbledon 2016 Draw

    We are going to take a look at the Gentlemans and Ladies Singles Draws which just came out for the Championships which start on Monday. Wimbledon is the only tourney that factors in past performances here and on other grass court tourneys, instead of the straight rankings in making out the Draw. They also always […]

  • pens Porter Needs Inside Game vs. Thurman

    By Charles Jay One of the more anticipated matchups in the boxing world is in the welterweight division, and it’s set for the Big Apple and on the big tube, which naturally puts it right on a big stage. Keith Thurman is the WBA welterweight champion. Shawn Porter is the former IBF titleholder at 147 […]

  • pens Cards Spring Leake on M’s Saturday

    By Charles Jay The Seattle Mariners have slipped and fallen a bit after a strong start had out them right at the top in their division. Meanwhile, the St. Louis Cardinals, who always seem to be in the thick of things, are trying to keep pace with the Chicago Cubs, without a lot of success. […]

  • pens Euro 2016 chaos to continue Saturday with round of 16 through Monday

    By The Rex Factor The writing has been on the wall since Tuesday evening for these 2016 European Championships – the cut from 24 to 16 teams for the knockout round is overshadowed by a ludicrous and asinine turn of events that put all of the longtime continental powers on one side of the bracket. […]

  • pens Great Britain decides to leave European Union, fools everyone in process

    By The Rex Factor It was a fascinating Thursday night for gambling fans around the world, even though the two most important events shaping the future did not involve games, per se. The NBA Draft was held in Brooklyn and while there were winners and losers by team, the people who bet props involving the […]