WSEX Sportsbook players owed $537,947

WSEX Sportsbook currently owes $537,947 to more than 75 players. This sportsbook used to be well-regarded but it has turned into a slow pay site. Nowadays WSEX Sportsbook players report being owed money since as far back as October, 2009.

The last time WSEX Sportsbook issued payments was at the beginning of the 2010 football season, back then they paid $124,617 to their customers. Unfortunately their debt has more than doubled since last year and they haven’t seen much growth lately because their reputation has been tarnished.

Ask The Bookie advices those who still have balances at WSEX Sportsbook to stop wagering until they prove that they can resume processing their delinquent payouts. This is the template email that WSEX Sportsbook sends to those customers who request a payout:

We have not forgotten about your outstanding request. As mentioned in my last correspondence, we have signed on a new processor and all our past due request are scheduled for shipment on a weekly basis. Every week, a batch will be completed and I do see that your request can be shipped by middle October. I realize that this may be a bit disappointing to you but we are honestly trying our best to ensure that your request is settled as soon as possible. As I always mention, you are free to contact me to address any further queries.

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