Winners Know How to Win

By: GH


When you watched the playoff games this weekend, you really were treated to an example of “winners know how to win”. In almost every game there were different examples of how winners find a way to win and losers find way to lose. It really doesn’t come down to who is more physically talented once you get to a certain level. The person or team that knows how to close is going to win the game 9 times out of 10.


We are a NY Giant fan and we watched over and over and over again this year how they were winning the game but didn’t really believe that they had what it takes to close the other team out and put a “W” on the board. When I was watching the Seattle – Minnesota game it had the same feel to it. After Seattle got the only touchdown of the game and was down 9-7 you knew that they were going to find a way to pull it out. Peterson fumbling that ball told you that the Vikes were doomed. Still Minny did go down the field and were in perfect position for a short field goal and the kicker choked. That tells you a lot about his makeup, and even though he has a good leg he won’t be around in this league if he continues to miss chip shots like that.


In the Texan – Chief game, the Chiefs have learned from their mistakes early in the year and did a methodical beat down of Houston; it doesn’t have to be pretty, just get the job done. Final score 30-0 in a game that was a toss-up talent wise. Brain Hoyer has been telling people for years that he is a starting NFL QB, but was high on every throw, making bad reads and over throwing everyone except the guys wearing the red jerseys, (he hit the safeties right in the hands). He just couldn’t stand the moment. Alex Smith on the other hand, after 10 years of bad play finally knows how to play the quarterback position. Just get the job done, don’t be flashy and “WIN”.

You saw another example in the Steeler – Bengal game. The Steelers were all bagged up it was raining, but they knew how to win, whereas the Bengals started to celebrate early, then panic and self destruct with the game on the line. In the Packer game, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were down early but never panicked and won the game going way, whereas Washington and Cousins just weren’t ready to win even a home playoff game yet.

When we are betting at America’s Bookie we are always looking for teams that know how to win and how to close teams out. Last night in the National Title Game, it was a very tough call cuz both Bama and Clemson know how to get the job done. In situation like this where both team want the game, have even talent and know how to close, you must takes the points because these types of games come down to the final play. Take The Top Ranked and undefeated Clemson Tigers and the 7 points here.

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