Will Michael Phelps Retire

Yesterday Michael Phelps beat his rival Ryan Lochte again in 200M medley which is the big prize in swimming, a true test of your overall ability. Lochte had a few things to say before the Final in which he didn’t even medal. One was “I guess you could say I’d be the Michael Phelps of swimming if Phelps wasn’t around,” another is that even though Phelps says that this is his last Olympics, Lochte thinks that’s Phelps will be back again.

There is quite a bit of difference in the 2 careers. One guy has won 26 medals, 22 Golds and the other has 12 medals, 6 Golds. One guy has hosted Saturday Night Live and another did a guest spot for “Wayne and Garth.” One guy is household name and the other is only known to swim fans, a few select sports fans and maybe his mother. Lochte is also 2 year younger then Phelps, and athletes over the age of 30 ages in “dog years.” This is why I think Lochte will return and try to grab the spotlight in 4 years and Phelps is “riding off into the sunset.”

Getting back to Phelps which is the point of this article, an athlete must sacrifice so much in order to perform at the peak of their ability. Apolo Anton Ohno said he gave up pizza for a year before the Olympics, now this may not seem like a big deal to you but it’s just one of the many many natural things that athletes must sacrifice for their chosen sports.

In many ways winners like Phelps are good at everything. I’m sure that if you put a ping pong paddle in his hands he would be tough to beat. I was told Lawrence Taylor could hit a golf ball out of Giants Stadium. That being said, if you are that gifted you might want to dabble in some other things in Life. That is why he was caught with a bong a few years ago. Winners sometime like to experiment in all the joys of life and figure out what is good and what is bad on their own. They are leaders not followers. In many ways, athletes are rebels to begin with, cuz I’m sure when he told his Mom at 5 he wants to be an Olympic swimmer, she said “Stay in school and become a doctor instead.”

My point here is that Phelps has done all that he can do in the sport. He even showed that after his “blue period” he could still perform at the top level even at an advanced age. He has nothing left to prove anymore in this particular endeavor. If he wants to be a truly rounded person he must move on with his life and find other “Dragons to slay,” and he knows this. It could be as complicated as running for President someday or as simple as being a good dad and swim coach to his future son.

It’s pretty childish to think that your athletic career can go on forever. After a while you have to grow up and get on with your life. Phelps realizes this where as Lochte still might have something to prove to the world in 4 years especially after his embarrassing showing that was overhyped in Thursday’s showdown. It’s a perfect time now for Michael to move on and live off of the fruits of his accomplishments. Going to Tokyo in 4 years can only be counterproductive both from a human perspective and even from a financial perspective, especially if “Father Time “ catches up to him.

We here at AsktheBookie congratulate you for your service to your country and your excellence in your chosen field of endeavor, and also thank you for all of the money that you’ve made us over the years at America’s Bookie. Now it’s time for you to enjoy your life and be at peace with your decision and not be one of those guys that just can’t move on from their athletic careers. There is no doubt in my mind that you know this and are smart enough to do this.

Oh and by the way before we go we wanted to comment on all the people that wanted the Black, Muslim, Women to carry the flag over Phelps, just because he wasn’t the right “Color” or gender. Shame on your politically correct assholes. Rewards should be based on achievements not pre ordained, and at the risk of sounding too “Gay” or corny. Phelps you are true example of a solid American Male and a good role model for young boys. Good luck in the future.

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