Why the Warriors Win | 2019 NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors kicked off the season vs. Oklahoma City all the way back on October 16th. It seems like eons ago! The Warriors started out on the right foot once again with two wins out of the starting gate, then a loss in Denver and then rattled off eight straight wins. Unbelievably, they went 4-6 in their next ten games with a four-game losing streak thrown in, in other words, they started to look human.


The Warriors went on to have a three-game, a four-game, a couple of two-games, and then an 11-game winning streak. The rest of the way was a loss mixed in between two-game streaks, and then ended the season with a six-game winning streak minus the last game of the season against Memphis.

At the end of the day, the season was a smashing success for any other team but maybe not the Warriors. This team has been better, and they have absolutely had better seasons. What doe this mean for the online bettor? It means come strong! The Warriors love the playoffs and they have been right back it in this season’s playoffs.

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The Warriors will win this series first and foremost because they are the best team. They may not have the best record in the NBA, and yes, Toronto has the homecourt advantage, but none of this matters.

The Warriors have the experience and what really helps them; they have lost this thing before.

This experience thing is talked about a lot and it’s a worthy conversation. Experience is not overhyped, it’s not something that’s talked about too much, it’s valuable. The Warriors win because they have bigger and better stars that are not afraid to take over a game when necessary and they are not afraid to play team ball.

Bet on Steph

Bet on Steph

Stephen Curry—

The Warriors win because of this guy! Period.

Look, we love Kawhi, he’s tough, he’s played amazing and he’s the new star in Toronto. Toronto stole that guy, whatever they paid for him, it wasn’t enough, it was grand theft, but Steph is Steph and he’s the best player in the NBA.

Bet on Steph.

Find the NBA prop lines and bet Steph on a game to game basis, he will outduel Kawhi. We are not saying Kawhi will be shut down, we are saying Steph is better and it matters not where the game is played. This series could be in Kawhi’s back yard or on his hoop in the driveway, Steph will take him to task. He get’s up for these moments and he is past the butterfly stage. That’s long gone.

Forget about Durant, could they use him? Of course they want that guy, but it doesn’t matter. The Warriors are good enough to beat any team, any time, anywhere.

Toronto has a great starting five and this team has worked their butts off to be in this finals. Take nothing away from this team. We believe that the Raptors will probably find a way to feed off the momentum and the home crowd for a game 1 victory. We also believe that Golden State is dialed in enough to reel this back in and get the steal in game two and go home tied at 1-1. This gives the Warriors the leg-up once again. The Warriors will win this in six games or less and find their three-peat.

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The Raptors start Siakam at PF, Leonard at SF, Gasol at C, Lowry at PG, and Green at SG. It’s a tough as nails lineup but check this one out… Green PF, Curry PG, Iguodala SG, Thompson SG, Bogut/Looney/Jones C. This lineup has been there, they have done it before and they should have swept Houston and even the Clippers, they may have taken things a little bit for granted or the could be 12-0 easily.

They swept Portland and although game four wasn’t easy, it was a sweep and the dagger. This team is the team to bet on. Find great prop odds on the team totals and bet the Warriors over. Not only bet the Warriors over, bet them to win this series

Prediction: Golden State Warriors in 6

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