Why SBR Sportsbook Ratings Are Flawed?

Sportsbook Review (SBR) has been operating in some capacity online since 1999, although they didn't launch their rating guide until 2002. In the past decade SportsbookReview.com has established a reputation for being a “watchdog” in the industry, but there are numerous things that bettors need to know before following SBR Ratings when joining a bookmaker.

According to SBR the goal of their ratings guide was to promote “good” bookmakers and highlight “bad” bookmakers, but the problem in recent years more so than in the past is that SBR has let money do the talking on multiple occasions. There is a huge conflict of interest when rating bookmakers at SBR because SBR on numerous occasions has been paid for undeserving ratings.

In the sportsbook industry it's common knowledge that SBR accepts under the table payments to rate bookmakers. SBR is also known to promote rogue bookmakers just because of an exclusive commission deal where they earn a large percentage of the losses incurred on the accounts tagged to SportsbookReview.com and this has caused lots of bettors' troubles in the past.

It's understandable that SBR needs to make money in order to operate, but they should use strict rating factors when deciding whether or not to rate a bookmaker high on the scale. Accepting money from sportsbooks in order to receive a high rating or signing exclusive affiliate deals under the table to send online bettors to questionable bookies isn't what a watchdog should do.  

Another thing that is flawed with SBR Sportsbook Ratings is small bookmakers won't be rated a B- or higher without paying an “advertising” fee. SBR doesn't care if the bookmaker meets the rating standards either. If SBR isn't receiving upfront money or a huge commission on losing bets they won't rate the smaller bookmakers that have been in business for years without issue.

I've also heard from reliable sources on numerous occasions that SBR has tried to extort payments from smaller bookies for a ratings bump. This type of behaviour isn't what I expect from a watchdog that has our best interests in mind. In my opinion I don't think SBR should accept any under the table deals from bookmakers in order to bump their ratings on the ratings guide.

Recapping Why SBR Sportsbook Ratings Aren't Reliable

•    SBR accepts payments from bookmakers to be rated on their “SBR Ratings Guide.”

•    SBR signs affiliate deals to bump the rating of a bookmaker.

•    SBR has in the past tried to extort payment from small bookmakers for a ratings increase.

Now I also want to mention that SBR has done some good in our industry and they've assisted bettors. I'm not saying that SBR is completely biased or that you can't consider their ratings. However, what I'm saying is that you need to be careful when you notice a bookie being handed a “ratings” bump on the SBR Ratings Guide for no legitimate reason.

Chances are that SportsbookReview.com was paid for the rating and therefore the rating is no longer unbiased. When you see that a bookie listed up top of the ratings guide with the “mainstream” bookies in the industry you can assume that the rating has been bought and can't be trusted.

Just make sure you are careful when choosing a book and don't believe everything that you read on SBR. There have been many problems at SBR in the past 10 years that you can read about online while searching through Google, but this article is a warning that you need to be careful of the SBR Ratings Guide because of bought ratings and reports of other questionable behaviour.

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