Why I Like Betting Round Robins

Everyone makes traditional wagers like point spreads, moneylines and totals, but some bettors shy away from teasers, pleasures, if-bets, reverses and round robins. The later wagers are worth getting to know because they will help your bottom line by winning more of your bets. We will now look at round robin bets and why I like betting them.

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A round robin bet lets you cover all the different possible combinations of a parlay in a selected group of bets (sides). A round robin is essentially a parlay that will payout even if not every side of your bet is a winner.

Let’s say you are placing a round robin wager using three NFL games. You choose Cowboys -3, Chiefs +7 and NO/ATL OVER. This combination will give you three two-team parlays:

  1. Cowboys -3 and Chiefs +7
  2. Cowboys -3 and NO/ATL OVER
  3. Chiefs +7 and NO/ATL OVER

We are going to wager $50 on each part of the round robin, with that part of the wager giving you the chance to win $130. In total, you will be wagering $150 to win $390. Most sportsbooks allow round robins from 3 to 8 sides, with odds and payout varying depending on the number of sides you choose and the amount you wager.

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Round robins are most popular to those betting the NFL and college football, but you can find odds for round robins in most sports that have odds attached to their games. You can really get a lot of action going on Saturday’s with round the clock college football and basketball action, as well as early and late game round robins on Sunday. Don’t worry though, most top online sportsbooks offer odds from the NBA, NHL, MLB and much more.

This is one of the main reasons I like betting round robins, because you can get in on a lot of action, for a decent price, with the potential for a very good payout. On weekend’s when there are games from all sports, I will sometimes make three 4 to 5 team round robins in a day, then sit and watch the action.

You need to win two of the three parlays to cash in a three-teamer, so if you are someone that always misses that one side on a three-team parlay, give a round robin a try and watch your account grow.

I’ve heard it all my life, “Two outta three ain’t bad”, and you can be sure two outta three ain’t bad when it comes to 3-team round robins.

Round robins have the same concept as if-bets and reverses, where you are basically paying for a little insurance to minimize risk. Even if you miss one of your sides, you still win. This gives you your best chance to profit on each bet, and in turn will help your sports betting budget.

It is well known that professional in the sports betting industry do not recommend parlays, for reasons including winning percentage and high juice. Having the overall success of a bet depend on multiple sides having to win is tough. Perhaps the most appealing part of round robins is your ability to recoup some money even if all your sides do not hit.

Let’s say you are having a hot week, and you feel really good about a bunch of games one day during March Madness. Maybe a round robin is your best option with their ability to maximize your total profit. If you can correctly predict all or most of your sides in a 5, 6 or 7 side round robin, the profits can be astonishing.

It is important to note though, that a $50 bet on a max 8-team round robin with 4-team parlays will make 70 different plays, costing you $3500. And one or two losses can put a significant dent in your profits.

Next time you sign into your online sportsbook account, go check out the round robins. Put together a mock round robin and see the payouts for different wagers. Round robins really are a great way to get action on a bunch of games, giving you a great chance to profit on your wagers.

My goal is to always provide the bettor with the information necessary to beat your bookie. I hope this helped straighten you out when it comes to round robins and opened your eye to an exotic bet that really is not that complicated.

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