Where’s the Money – Betting on NBA or MLB?


Legalized betting on sporting events has been ongoing since the 1950’s and it continues to get bigger every year. This activity is no longer an activity, it’s an investment. Sports gambling is a high stakes investment and literally billions of dollars are spent each year on the NBA, MLB, NFL and the NHL. These sports rule the gambling world and players are finding bookmaking services in every nook and cranny of the world.

With the NBA in the thick of the playoffs, players are flocking to the race and sportsbook to get in on the action. Every year Las Vegas reports record amounts being spent on the NBA and the playoffs are the moneymaker. The NBA playoffs are long and many of the seven game series’ go the distance. This is a good thing for both the gambler and the wagering site. Whether it be in Las Vegas or with an online book, a long series means revenue, the bookmakers pray for this.

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This past NBA season was one for the record books. The games are much more competitive than ever before and there is parity in the league. Take a look at how the NBA Western Conference ended the regular season: Houston 65-17, Golden State 58-24, Portland 49-33, OKC 48-34, Utah 48-34, New Orleans 48-34, San Antonio 47-35, and Minnesota 47-35. It’s simply unbelievable how close this conference was in terms of wins and losses. The Rockets and the Warriors are the overwhelming best teams in the Western Conference but the remaining six teams are neck and neck, with three teams finishing with identical records.

This past season has proven to be the best in a very long time and the playoff team mentioned above have all made a statement in the playoffs with exception of the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers were swept by the Pelicans, 4-0.

Parity in basketball is a good thing for gamblers, the lines are tight and this means-more predictable. The “square” player might think the opposite but tight lines mean better money. As a result, offshore bookmakers are seeing a boon in revenue on the NBA. The NBA is becoming the sport to bet on and not so much baseball.

The MLB is a very long season and it becomes a grind for the gambler although if played right; a huge moneymaker. Baseball has always been thought of as the sport to make some real money, and the sport that gives the best chance to beat the sportsbooks.

Both sports run neck and neck in the overall revenue department, however, the NBA blows the doors of the competition when it comes playoff time.

Knowing your sport makes or breaks your bottom line. Whether you bet the NBA or the MLB, you must be committed to handicapping and knowing how teams have a chance to beat the spread. Find a great advisor site and get your game on this year. There is too much money at stake to not jump in. Have fun the rest of the way and search for the most competitive odds online.