What SBR Should Do to Remedy the BetIslands Fiasco

We’ve been discussing the BetIslands closure since breaking the news several weeks ago. In that time we’ve provided bettors with a lot of information including a list of accounts that was leaked. In this article we’re going to discuss a way that SBR could handle the situation that they’re in instead of looking for buyouts from bookmakers that they’ve tried to extort in the past.

Bill Dozer has said that he’d post information on SBR about any potential bailout deals involved with BetIslands. So far there have been buyout offers, but the buyouts weren’t suitable for all the players. Bill has also been looking for bailout deals from bookmakers including America’s Bookie in the range of $1.7M. The problem with Bill is that he wants to line his pockets with any deal.

If SBR wanted to truly flex their muscles and show the industry at large that they’re the best watchdog they would have already had a bailout deal in place by now. SBR banks hard on the many affiliate packages that they have with bookmakers. If Bill wanted to he could flex his muscle and tell 17 of the advertisers at SBR to take on $100K in balances, which would total the $1.7M in funds at BI.

SBR could take it off of their affiliate packages, so the bookmaker wouldn’t be going out of pocket to take on the balances. With the money that SBR makes off of their advertisers and commission deals they could easily help take a hit. SBR has the power to make a deal with their current advertisers to take on the BetIsland balances, but they choose to blame the bettor instead of their ethics.

Bill Dozer recently made a post on the SBR Forum stating that everyone is an adult and makes their own decisions. However, when an industry watchdog promotes a new bookmaker as heavily as SBR did they need to take some responsibility. Blaming the visitors of the forum for listening to the #1 watchdog in the industry is poor ethics and shows what type of people own SBR.

We’re not saying that SBR should even take on full responsibility for the fiasco, but we think that they should be doing everything possible to ensure a bailout plan is going to happen for the bettors that lost their funds. Dozer likes to blame everyone but SBR, and that’s no way to run a watchdog website that’s supposed to protect the bettors at all costs when it’s possible. You must remember SportsBookReview pimped BetIslands extremely hard and gave them a quick B rating.

Bill from SBR running around trying to get a bailout deal from bookmakers that are rated “D or worse” is beyond me. Dozer is now trying to get the bookmakers that he has extorted for years to try and get a bailout while making sure his pockets are lined. The easiest way for Bill to make this situation right would be to take responsibility and pay people back for the recommendations made well after he knew full well BetIslands was nearing insolvency.

SBR has no shortage of advertisers that pay SBR a ton of money for promotion and commission on player losses. They could easily get the $1.7M they need to bailout players and become the “good guy”, but that doesn’t make SBR money. Bill wants everyone to point the finger at themselves for listening to him and the rest of the SBR shills that promoted BetIslands constantly.

It appears that no one is going to be getting paid or bailed out at BetIslands right now, but we wanted to shed some light on a quick solution that could be put together by Bill and his team rather quickly. It would definitely cost him some money in the short term, but it would pay off dividends in the long run. If he loses anymore visitors at SBR they will have nothing as SBR’s word and rating guide has been exposed as wrong and as a fraud.

The funny thing about Bill asking Americas Bookie/Bet33 for a bailout is that he’s constantly posting negative press to try and hamper the huge marketing efforts Bet33 has been doing the past few years. Bet33 has an association with the former Apex Group, but Bet33 paid the outstanding payments Apex owed and they stand by that despite what SBR has tried to claim in the past.

SBR now states that Bet33 players are in no danger of not being paid. SBR constantly changes their stance on Bet33 based on the mood of SBR and the needs of Bill. Bet33 is strictly a recreational sportsbook these days and they have an active base of players that are paid out very quickly. Professional bettors will be collared, but that’s just the nature of the business.

SBR has a nature for saying something at one point and then contradicting themselves shortly after. Until SBR can come up with a suitable plan for bailing out the BI player base it should be next to impossible to trust anything they say. Dozens of bettors are still voicing their displeasure with the way SBR handled the situation and SBR continually tries to brush the facts under the rug.

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