What Notre Dame Could Have Learned From America’s Bookie

Fates of futures on Kentucky’s perfection lie in the balance.  For most of the second half, the unblemished Wildcats trailed the Fighting Irish.  A vaunted defense was having problems coping with the spacing that created the shooting chances that ND cashed in.  The game ticked down and one team came up huge.  In the end, Kentucky moves on with a two point victory.  What could have Notre Dame learned from America’s Bookie to stave off elimination?

Kentucky Offense Came to the Rescue

The matchup that we discussed here ended up being one of the two keys of the game.  Could the Fighting Irish stop the Kentucky offense?  They did until it really mattered.  For such a young team, Kentucky demonstrated their growth by burying their last nine shots in the game.  Viewers knew that they were going to score and it was up to ND to keep pace.  They did until the very end.

Community, America’s Bookie, and the Final Shot

An ending that most knew were coming.  Jerian Grant was going to get the ball to try and either tie or win it.  With three Wildcats swarming him, the clutch player missed badly and the game was over.  Now perhaps if your name is Jordan or Kobe, you could still hit that shot but for any mortal it was way below EV.  How could the Irish learned from America’s Bookie here?

Strength in Community Presence

A voice in the wilderness is America’s Bookie in the offshore sportsbook wagering community.  By themselves, they would have a high quality of customer service.  Together in conjunction with forums like Ask The Bookie, Handicapper’s Hideaway, and The Gambling Forum, America’s Bookie helps keep the pulse of the wagering community.  Listening and responding to client input, the employees of America’s Bookie know that working with their customers that everyone wins.  Alone they are strong but with the help of their loyal clients, America’s Bookie is unbreakable.

So in the end, Jerian Grant was part of the team.  With three people around him, two of his team mates had open looks at the basket.  Who knows if they would have hit the shot but their chances had to be better than being alone in a crowd!  America’s Bookie with their support of the community through forums gives their customers a platform to voice what is on their mind.