Week 6 NFL Ruminations

By Frankie the Fan

Frankie hasn’t done a various ruminations piece since week 1 of the season so let’s get started even though most of Week 6 has been played. The Thursday Night Football game really does shine a new light on the NFC East and the NFC in general.

Let’s start with the NFC east. We were really surprised that the Eagles could go into Carolina and win on Thursday night. Carolina and their stupid mistakes gave the game to the Eagles as they had the game under control in the second quarter but turnovers cost them the game. The overrated Cowboys don’t seem to care about winning this year, only anthem protests. The Skins already have loss to the Eagles and are not playing as well as Philly and the Giants still haven’t realized the preseason is over. The Eagles will win the East.

Did you see my article? It’s called Why the Giants Suck So Bad, take a look.

In the central you need to take the Lions very seriously but not as seriously as the Packers who showed last week that they can win on the road as well as at home. There will be a time and place when Detroit may win this division, but it will not be this year. The Rodgers injury mixes this division up.

Now the wild and wacky South. We really though that Carolina was a title contender here, but after playing such sloppy game on Thursday you must start to wonder. The Bucs are not ready yet and will lose in Arizona this week. The Saints still have problems. The Falcons have broken the curse of losing teams in the Super Bowl having bad year the next year, and will be in the playoffs again and may get back there one more time.

In the west, you cannot underestimate the Adrian Peterson trade. The Cards have all the pieces they need, but since David Johnson went down they can’t run the ball. The Cards will be heard from in a wide-open division. In Seattle, there is another team who has disappointed, maybe because of anthem protests and division between players. Their win vs. LA last week make this a free for all. The Rams are for real and don’t underestimate them wining this division. As we said Seattle has problems so you may want to bet the Rams or Cards at better odds at America’s Bookie to win the West.

In the AFC, let’s start in the west. Have you seen a more complete team then the Chiefs? They are well coached, never make mistakes, have playmakers, always play good defense and special teams, and the QB has near perfect rating. What more do you want? Oh yeah, they have road wins over 2 rivals, in the Pats and Texans. Things are looking very good in KC and if they beat Pitt this week, it will be full steam ahead. The Raiders have taken a step back, don’t take them seriously this year, especially with the health of Carr. The Broncos have played solid football but don’t have enough to catch KC.

In the South, you must love the Jacksonville story. The Defense has so many good players that unit has carried the team. They also run the ball well and are winning despite Bortles at QB. Rumor has it Coughlin trades for Eli, and I say do it, that would put this team in the playoffs. If I’m the Giants I make trade as well. Watson will be leading the Texans for many years, he is a rookie who plays like a 6-year veteran. Unfortunately, they are hurting on Defense. The Titans are ready for primetime but they also have had injury problems. We like the Jags in the South.

Pittsburgh always finds a way even when they are playing bad and they are. There is no one else to win this division expect the Ravens, and Pitt already has a win over them. Somehow Big Ben makes the playoffs again.

In the East, what is there really to talk about expect will the Pats win it again? Of course, they will. We would love to make case for any of the other teams, but who are we really kidding here. Not until Brady starts to age will there be a changing of the guard in the East and actually they have been grooming Garoppolo to replace Brady so the dynasty will continue.

In the end, we are not expecting to many surprises at this point. The Packers and Falcons should be back it the title game in the NFC, and into AFC the Chiefs will be playing most likely the Pats in the Title game. Barring injuries you can see however that KC will have have homecourt advantage and may be playing in the Super Bowl, as my vision of Alex Smith throwing passes in the Super Bowl last summer was a maybe a year premature.

Hope you enjoyed the games Sunday guys.

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