Want to Start a Bookie? Here’s How


Do you want to start a bookie, but have no idea where you should even start?

Running a bookmaker is serious business and one you can’t go into half-heartedly. The first step once you are funded is to determine what software you’re going to use to run the company.

You may think you need to code a completely new software suite, but that’s not the case. Obviously having a coder or being able to do some coding yourself is beneficial, but it’s not at all necessary.

There are multiple companies online that will lease you bookmaker software. These companies offer a service known as pay-per-head (PPH), which allows you to lease software at a low cost.

You’ll need to pay a per head (Customer) fee, but it won’t be more than $10. The prices vary slightly based on the features you need and the level of customer support you expect from the PPH company.

Apart from being able to handle processing of deposits and payouts, all you really need is a PPH solution to start running your online bookie, which will also be accessible on mobile devices as well.

PPH solutions do a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes as well. For example, you simply select the sports you want to offer and you can use the bookmaker’s betting lines that update in real-time.

You can of course change any lines you wish based on how you expect your clients to bet, although it isn’t a necessary step. Basically, you’ll just need to market your bookie, plus handle processing and support.

Using a PPH solution will save you a lot of headaches also. It’s impossible to accept bets on your phone or in person 24/7, but once you have a PPH bookie set-up, your clients can go online and bet anytime.

This allows you to open up your potential client based. Do you live on the east coast, but have clients that are in the west coast? You may even have clients that reside in another country completely.

The best way to accommodate all of your customers is by offering them the biggest betting selection and also offering them the ability to 24/7 from a computer or a smartphone, such as the iPhone or Android devices.

What are some of the other benefits?

Well, for starters, PPH software often come with packages with the ability to offer your clients a racebook and/or casino. Neither need to be offered, but why not increase your client’s turnover with more ways to bet?

Online casinos are very profitable for bookies. You’ll experience some bad runs where your players go on a winning streak, but over the long run you’ll end up increasing your profit margin with a casino.

Don’t make becoming a bookie difficult. Partner with one of our recommended PPH solutions and you’ll be on your way to running your own bookie within days as long as you have clients.

Utilize technology to grow your business and take it to the next level with our assistance.