Walk on the Wild Side This Sunday : AB’s The Brink

Foundations should be set strong so that the items you build on them will not sink into the surroundings.  Whether it involves sports wagering or imbibing in our favorite drinks, the basics will put us in excellent position for whatever the night holds for us.  So what should we do when we want to shoot for the stars on a select Sunday or two.  America’s Bookie’s The Brink looks at an addition to your bar and a free pick that will make taking the risk oh so sweet this Sunday.

What We All Have

To successfully host guests or just have a solo night of drinking, one must have the following five on hand for any occasion.






A Foreign Incursion

We go south of the border for some other staples today.  Mexico does not even begin to describe the descent on the globe.  Chile, Peru, and Brazil have hearty reputations for pounding the drinks and partying in scenic locales.  With all this experience, some of their home grown ingredients must be included in your stock.  When it comes to Brazil, Cachaca provokes fighting words when noobs compare it to rum.  The main ingredient varies between sugarcane or molasses depending on which company’s take on it.  Different tastes come from which barrels they were aged in.  A simple recipe to its rum cousin is the following


Cachaca from an area called Minas (2 1/2 oz)

simple syrup


Combine and enjoy

Keeping with the Theme

Brazillian soccer can be very profitable to wager on.  The reason is an odd tendency that is prevalent in the Portuguese speaking country.  More often the favorite will win or a draw will occur in the three way lines.  Under dog wagering in the three way is not really profitable for this soccer game.  So let us look at the 530PM offering between favored Santos(+111) and Sao Paulo (+270).  The draw odds in this one are a tasty +246.  With Sao Paulo doing better than normal as of late, the draw line should be wagered here.  So kick back with some hard liquor from this region and this soccer Free Bet.  Tune in tomorrow at the Brink as we get back to baseball.