Various Olympic Ruminations

By: Frankie the Fan

It’s time for the Olympics to start using only amateurs again. Be honest here, have you really watched the Olympics since they switched to Pros about 20-25 years ago? It has become a “sideshow” in which in some of the sports the players don’t even want to come because they need to “rest” for their professional seasons. Something needs to be done here like they are doing in soccer, where the Olympic teams are composed of all guys under 21, except for a few exemptions I think. The competitors would care more about it and that makes it more fun for the fans.

Look at the case of the NBA guys who are living on Yacht and who “accidently” walked into a high class whorehouse yesterday. Now don’t get me wrong, large black men with big penis’ who have lots of cum in there balls need to have some relaxation in order to play their best, or maybe things might get a little “weird” on that Yacht.

In the spirit of the Olympic Games however, the athletes should be living in shitty dorm rooms and be sneaking into bad neighborhoods and risking their lives, in order to take turns on the girl who is having sex with a donkey, or even they can take turns “riding the donkey”, I’m not judging here. I’m just saying that we have lost the Olympic spirit and have become soft. You guys are warriors take some chances, walking into high class cathouse with thousands of dollars isn’t the Olympic spirit, bring 50 bucks each, pay some taxi guy to bring you to the bad side of town. Then knock on the door 3 times to get in, buy a beer for 50 cents and enjoy yourself. “THAT’S THE OLYMPIC SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE.”

I also bet there was a brief moment when watching the opening ceremonies that all the millionaire athletes who passed on the games felt that they made a mistake but it quickly passed and they went back to counting their money. In my opinion, the competition and the winning and losing is the bottom line and professionals don’t always get that. Bring back the college kids and amateurs and I promise you the story lines and games itself would become more interesting.

This column is starting to sound “eerily” similar to a column I wrote recently about black lives matter at the Espys. In it I said that sports are sports and politics is politics. I was watching the opening ceremonies and was sort of enjoying it, until all of a sudden they start putting something on about Global warming on the screen. Why they fuck was that added and how the hell is that becoming about something that I think was based on the history of Brazil?

They started showing ridiculous archives of old Al Gore clips about Florida and Amsterdam being swallowed up by water. I immediately shut it off. This is the Olympic games that were created in order for countries at war to have a truce for few weeks. Just the thought of talking about something that controversial that has polarized people is not in the spirit of the Olympic games. The Olympics Games are about peace and friendship, so don’t take a stand on something that half the athletes don’t believe in. Shame on you Brazil and the IOC or whoever put that in.

Before we go we just wanted to make a quick comment on Damontre Moore who was cut by his 3rd team in less than a year yesterday. When is this idiot going to get it? I admit I was a total jerk before I turned 26, but I finally grasped the concept of “my career comes first.” This guy is blowin it big time, and has all the talent in the world. The last stop for clowns like this is usually a team that doesn’t care about character like the Cowboys or Bengals, now I know things have changed a lot in Oakland but if you can’t get your shit together there, your next stop might be washing cars or selling crack.

Remember to call up America’s Bookie and get some action in on the Olympic Games. That’s the beauty of online sportsbooks, you can bet on just about anything, at anytime on the actions on the field, no matter how stupid the off-field stuff is. Take care guys.

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