Upgrade Your Bookie Business with Pay Per Head Software Options


Whether you are just starting out as a private bookie or already up and running with a full-
service independent sportsbook catering to a large number of betting cliental, one of your top
business goals should be to find a Pay Per Head online bookie software provider that best
meets your individual bookmaking needs.

Do not get suckered in to believing that all price per head shops are created equal and the only
difference in what they have to offer is the weekly price per head fee they charge for each of
your active betting customers. Right off the bat, some Pay Per Head sites are clearly better than
others when it comes to the quality of their online bookie software solutions and the ongoing
dependability of their overall service.

It is rather easy to distinguish the best PPH providers from the rest of the pack in the Internet
sports betting industry given the wealth of information that is available through any number of
highly reliable online sports betting information websites. It is easy to find comprehensive and
unbiased reviews for any Pay Per Head site and given the way that information is readily
available for just about any sports betting topic, the cream does rise to the top when it comes to
finding the best Pay Per Head sports betting software providers.

Taking this search to a whole new level is finding a PPH site that best meets both your current
needs as well as your possible future needs as your bookie business continues to grow and
prosper. As mentioned, not all PPH services are created equal and even if you narrow down
your search to two or three of the best of the best, you can still narrow things even further by
gaining a deeper understanding of all the features and benefits that any price per head plan has
to offer.

If your business goal is to run and manage your own independent sportsbook as the primary
agent without the help of any additional sub-agents bringing you their betting action, then a
more basis PPH plan without all the bells and whistles would probably meet all of your current
and future needs. If you have designs on building a multi-level sports bookmaking business with
a number of sub-agents working directly for you, then you are going to need an upgraded plan
with a number of added options that can deliver all the real time analytics needed to run and
manage your own sportsbook.

You will also need to determine the depth and scope of the online betting options you are
looking to offer. If you plan to mainly concentrate on taking action during football and basketball
season, then once again a basic PPH plan should meet your needs. If your plans are to run a
year-round, full service online betting outlet for sports, horse racing, online casino gambling,
then you will need to find a Pay Per Head online betting solutions package that can give you
everything you need to completely level the playing field with the big offshore sportsbooks
offering all those same gambling services online.

Some of the basic differences between a basic PPH plan and an upgraded one at a slightly
higher per head weekly rate might include an expanded set of custom business reports that will
allow you to drill down deeper into every aspect of your bookie business. These added business

analytics could be extremely helpful if you decide to go with a business model that does include
sub-agents. An upgraded plan could also include software enhancements for profit centers such
as live in-game betting in your sportsbook and live dealer table games in your online casino.