UFC 199: Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping

The event is finally here, an event many have been waiting several months for. UFC 199 will take place this weekend in Los Angeles, California. There are some sensational fights on the card, but one of the best is Luke Rockhold taking on Michael Bisping. Bisping is a huge underdog in this fight but let’s take a look at the two fighters, and how this fight should shake out. Here is a preview of UFC 199: Luke Rockhold vs. Michael Bisping.

Bisping Finally Gets Chance

Michael Bisping has been fighting for nearly 10 years, and finally has a chance at UFC gold. He will face a tough task, as he is going against one of the best fighters in the world.

The last time Bisping fought Rockhold, it ended with a head kick and a guillotine choke that Bisping was on the wrong side of. Many experts in the sport say Bisping has gotten much better, and will put up a great fight. Bisping is coming off the great win over Anderson Silva.

Rockhold Unstoppable Machine

Many have said Luke Rockhold is an unstoppable machine in the cage right now. Rockhold is coming off a fight there he beat up on Chris Weidman, who was a former champion.

Rockhold is known for coming out with a burst of energy, and if opponents are not ready for it, it spells trouble early. Rockhold has some of the most powerful kicks in all of the game, and also is above average at taking opponents to the ground in a fight.

Rockhold Wins the Fight, but Bisping Hangs Around

We are not going to recommend taking Bisping to win this fight, but it certainly appears to be closer than many have put it. Bisping is dying for this rematch, and like we said earlier, he has gotten a ton better.

Look for this to go the distance,with Rockhold using his power to find a way to win. The -1100 moneyline for Luke Rockhold seems to be too much, so if you take the underdog, we will not blame you. We recommend taking the more assured money, which is Luke Rockhold -1100 over Michael Bisping.

The Remainder of the Card

While Rockhold vs. Bisping is the feature fight on this card, there are plenty of other fights that should catch your attention. First, Dominic Cruz takes on Urijah Faber.

Next, Dustin Poirier will battle Bobby Green. Poirier has the significant advantage in this fight. Next, Jessica Penne fights Jessica Andrade in the strawweight division. Finally, Jonathan Wilson and Luiz Henrique Da Silva will fight with Wilson looking to win this one in a KO.

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