Top Sports Books Improving Deposit Methods


For a very long time now the online sportsbook industry has been a mecca for American players and why not? After all, there is only one place in the entire United States that sports gambling is legal and that is inside the state of Nevada. Since the 1950’s Nevada has held a monopoly on the sports gambling industry and close to nobody has been able to touch them. Nevada has literally bullied its way into the pocket books of gambling Americans and politics have supported the cause.

Then close to 20-25 years ago, adventurous sports gambling capitalists figured out a way to offer a service that puts the screws to Las Vegas Nevada. The era of the online sportsbook was born and it has boomed since the onset.

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Now don’t mistake one important factor in all of this. The online industry has not been without its faults. In fact, the industry as a whole has been riddled with faults and major problems. Not until the last ten-fifteen years has the industry greatly improved its image, cleaned up their act and become serviceable.

A mountain of problems existed in the early going with the offshore bookies. New sportsbooks would pop up almost weekly and more than half of them were frauds. Many of them opened up with good intentions but became a fraud.

Running a bookie business is not easy and it takes a mountain of money. The old saying “the house always wins” is simply not true. In the casino world of casino table games and slot machines; for sure this is often true. The house has a clear cut advantage and beating the house is pure luck. Sports gambling is an entirely different ball game and it can be a marginal business, not to mention the bookies can get whacked at any moment.

One of two things must happen in order for sports books to be successful and that is either have enormous stockpiles of cash to back up their losses or simply take very little action. The latter is not the preferred. Sports books want and need to take as much action as possible, they need cross action and they need players in large volume or they can be crushed.

The top online sports books in the business today are the ones that have come along in the last 10-15 years and have remained steady and sustained growth. These bookies are trustworthy and they have a huge legion of players. On the other hand, the business is marginal so they are always looking for new players and they will promote themselves in order to find those players.

There are two big knocks against online sportsbooks including deposit and payout methods. These are the two most complained about issues. Some of the more popular online bookies have made it a point this past year to improve their methods on both fronts. When people gamble they want paid and they don’t want excuses and they don’t want to wait.

Some of today’s best sportsbooks are paying out the same week and even the next day. There is no more waiting around for three weeks or worse yet a month or two. The best online bookies today, pay out quickly and without complaint and they make it easy to get the money back in the account with a wide array of deposit methods which even include onetime use gift cards.

If you are tired of the madness and sick of the payout hassle, then stop that madness and find an online bookie that has a stellar reputation for quick and easy payouts.