Is Tony Romo’s Retirement a Done Deal?

By Kent Whitaker

ESPN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is hanging up his cleats and considering offers from networks. ESPN cites NFL league sources for the news. According to the report the quarterback is getting interest from CBS, NBC, and FOX for work in the booth.

Regardless on how the broadcast career pans out, it appears that his run with the Dallas Cowboys is over. It was widely reported that the team was eyeing his release possibly by the end of the week. The move would help Dallas with salary cap issues.

If Romo stayed on the Cowboys would be in for over $24 million in 2017. According to ESPN that would now be only $10.7 million in 2017 followed by $8.9 million in 2018. The team would get a $14 million-dollar swing in their favor. But is the retirement of Tony Romo a Done Deal?

What Happened to Houston?

Many analysts expected that Tony Romo would end his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys and eventually wind up with the Houston Texans. The retirement of Romo signals that apparently, a deal could not be worked out.

This may show that the Texans have their eyes set on somebody in the upcoming draft. Or, they may be leaning towards working on building from within. That’s a completely different story following last year where the Texans spent a bunch of cash bringing in Brock Osweiler.

That quarterback experiment didn’t pan out as Osweiler has since been traded to the Cleveland Browns. In fact, that trade was seen as a possible move that was made in order to make room for Romo.

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Emergency Quarterback?

A side note to this story, but that may prove to be true, is that an un-named NFL executive was cited as predicting that Romo would be back. This tidbit of information was included in the original ESPN article. Here’s the quote which ESPN stated came from a text message.

“Romo is now every team’s emergency backup QB in case your starter gets hurt” and that those teams would have to “pay him to come out of ‘retirement.”

That’s a very interesting observation. It would not take much for Romo to stay in shape. The time away from practice, and full time duty prepping for the start of the season, could be viewed as extended recovery time for his list of past injuries.

The possibility of Romo being available to a team in an emergency is not too far of a stretch. But the money would have to be right. And even with individual training there’s no replacement for working with a squad and coaching staff!

Romo and his Health

Once the smoke clears it may all boil down to a husband and wife, with a couple of kids, planning their future. This may all boil down to a combination of a family decision and the fact that Dallas has now has a proven starter in the form of Dak Prescott.

Romo has been limited the last two years due to serious injuries. He’s suffered a broken collarbone and back injuries. It was a compression fracture of his back that led to Prescott taking the helm. I’m not even counting the minor injuries, and wear and tear, that a player takes over the course of a career.

A Done Deal? Probably!

The final chapter on this retirement news from Romo may not be written yet. There are always outside possibilities when things like this happen. Another team could announce a deal down the road that nobody predicted.

Or, this may simply be a case of a professional athlete making a personal decision to let life on the field go in order to have the best quality of life – when it comes to health – with their family. And, Romo turns 37 this month.

There is a new awareness in the sporting world of how injuries, especially concussions, play out in later life. That’s a huge factor that can’t be ignored when you reportedly have three high-paying network sports jobs vying for your signature.

Tony Romo may just want to enjoy some down time away from the daily grind, take the offer from his choice of networks, and enjoy his family.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kent Whitaker, often called ‘the Deck Chef,’ is a sportswriter, culinary writer, and cookbook author with fourteen titles. He covers NASCAR, racing in general, Football, barbecue, grilling, and tailgating. You can visit him on”

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