Three Storylines to Watch This NFL Season

One of the reasons we love football so much are the storylines it creates. Drama…we all love drama, whether it’s bad blood from a previous matchup or a player being done wrong by an organization he previously played with, maybe the head coaches are brothers, you name it, there is always drama. Here are three storyline to watch this NFL season.


The Quarterback Position

Never has there been so much drama surrounding the quarterback position in the NFL than this year. From Tom Brady’s tantrums when being asked about Alex Guerrero to Jameis Winston groping an Uber driver, the important stuff is happening on the field.

No less than a dozen quarterbacks that will start the season as their team’s starter in 2018 has a story line. Alex Smith and Case Keenum are playing for new teams after helping lead their teams to the playoffs last season, with another big name in Kirk Cousins, on the move as well.

Injuries are another story in and of itself, with Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and Andrew Luck coming off injuries that made them miss significant time. That list includes all possible Hall of Fame candidates.


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We can’t talk about this season’s QBs and not talk about he rookies. It will be interesting to see how this QB draft class pans out, with five quarterbacks drafted in the first round in 2018, including Baker Mayfield at #1, with guys like Mason Rudolph and Luke Falk drafted later, I’m excited to watch this all play out before us.


The Cleveland Browns

I’m really not sure what to think of the Browns. They have had an offseason unlike any offseason I can remember. Starting with drafting Mayfield first overall, which I would have NEVER predicted, trading for QB Tyrod Taylor and WR Jarvis Landry then going on Hard Knocks and capturing the heart of football fans everywhere.

After only one win after in their past 32 regular season games, online sportsbooks currently have the Cleveland Brown win total at 5.5, with the OVER -179 and the UNDER +148. Yes, the OVER has been bet all the way up to -179!


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I’ve actually been a fan of Hue Jackson since his time on Hark Knocks with the Bengals in 2013. I liked his matter of fact way, giving clear direction with his words. He is a great coach, who knows how to motivate every player, no matter his personality.

Looking at their schedule, 6 wins will be tough. Not only has the AFC North looked to have improved all around, but they start the season with games against the Steelers, Saints, Jets and Raiders, with dates against the Chargers, Chiefs, Falcons and the Panthers. There are a lot of wins last year on that list.

For the sake of football, Cleveland fans and the Cleveland Browns, I hope this is the year that the Browns shed the “laughing stock” tag. They have been terrible for a long time, seemingly making bad decision after bad decision. The biggest question now did they make the correct pick at #1 or will Saquon Barkley show them they missed out on a bellcow running back for the next 10 years.


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I’m an avid sports radio listener, especially in the morning when I’m getting started at the numbers and getting something on paper. More and more, the hosts are bringing betting into the conversation. Maybe they’re talking about the Browns win total of 5 and a half or would you put your money on A or B? The point is they are talking about betting on sports on national radio and before long sports gambling will be just like playing the lottery, a common every day thing.

With this increased exposure, with it will come even more advances in sports betting. You can already bet on pretty much anything with live dynamic betting, so I cannot even imagine what will come next. The future is bright for those of us that like to bet on sports.

Don’t forget about online sportsbooks, they have been doing it for more than 20 years and have everything figured out. The convenience factor with an offshore book alone is worth signing up with one, with the top ones having state-of-the-art software with mobile capabilities. With a betting menu like you have never seen, a racebook and two casinos, if you already haven’t engulfed yourself in the online sportsbook experience, today is the day you need to give it a try.

This NFL season will surely provide hours and hours of drama, but these three storylines are a few I will be keeping a close eye on. What are you excited to watch this season? Is there a particular player you want to watch or are you more interested in how your team will fare. Whatever your storylines are, enjoying watching them play out before us.

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