The Vegas Raiders

By Frankie the Fan

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Good for them as their future is very bright and one of the NFL’s most storied franchises deserves to be in the spotlight and I’m sure we will be seeing them in primetime at least 5 times next year.

The problem I have here is that there going to be any franchise in Vegas at all, the city has lost all of it’s charm that it had when it was founded by Bugsy Siegel and other mobsters in the 50’s. That was the beauty of Vegas, it was different. It was a place that you knew that you were going to have a good time whenever you went there. Now it’s pretty much just like any other other large American city except for of course the gambling and the Shows.

When I first went there, I guess it was in 84, there was certain style and character about the city. It was just being built, the whole town was basically just one strip and you couldn’t even tell if you were close when you were driving in. Now, you can see not just the casino lights, but regular street lights for miles as you approach it.

It used to be a very cheap place to live. If you got a hotel down town it was fairly inexpensive if you had no money in your pocket, which was the case for me getting out of college. You could live for basically free. There were coupon books for free food or at least very cheap food. There were sexy “showgirls” giving away free champagne on the streets to get you to come into the casinos. You could smell the Wild West, and the “Sicilian” influence as you walked around town.

It used to be one of my favorite cites. I loved to bet on sports and you could do it there legally. Nowadays you can just set up an account with America’s Bookie and you can bet your house. I also liked to play poker, and the big game in town was 7 card stud, now it’s Texas Hold ‘Em of couse.

Things have changed so much in one of my favorite cites.

Nowadays the are big shopping malls, and has become a family friend town (you used to come to Vegas to get away from your wife and kids), but no longer is it really “Sin City” like in the good ole days. I remember years ago, reading something funny that was titled “A manly man’s vacations guide”, for trips like shark fighting and stuff like that, but I really liked the “10-day gambling and whoreing junket in Vegas”. This was a man’s town, unlike any outside of Nevada.

Which brings us back to the Raiders moving there. Maybe Frankie is the only person that thinks Vegas shouldn’t have any professional sports teams there. It is changing what Vegas is supposed to be. Sin City is the name used to describe Vegas, but that’s what Vegas was. It was different then but, it’s not anymore. For years, they wouldn’t let you bet on UNLV basketball cuz it was too close to home, and now they bring in an NFL team and you can bet on them. Gimme a break.

That’s the problem with being and old “geezer” like Uncle Frankie, we don’t like change and you get too set in your ways. I don’t a have problem with the Rams moving to L.A., they belong there and never should’ve moved to STL in the first place. However, I’m too old and set in my ways to accept the Raiders in Las Vegas (Hell I lived in LA when the Raiders were there and wasn’t happy about that as well, they belong in Oakland and should’ve stayed there).

This is just Frankie’s opinion from a fan’s perspective, but Frankie also wrote an article titled “Money Matters” last week, so he does get it that sports is big business, and all decisions are based the almighty $$$$$$$. Frankie is too old to change his ways so all he can do is gripe about the world progressing and make effort to tell everyone that change is not always good, and for the most part things were better in the “Old Days”.

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