The Brink : “To Your Health!”

When has one not seen Floyd on the defensive.  Even with his superfight against Manny, Mayweather’s overly cautious style garners him wins, cash, but not fans.  Now this strategy seems to be employed with the selection of his “final” opponent.  Here who he is and why this selection has many putting the “Best Ever” on the defensive even before the fight starts.  So raise your glasses and let’s toast to his and our health as we look at this and some dimensions in drinking that can change to make us all a tad bit healthier.

Shun Stimulants

A new spin on an old bar trick to get you to drink more has been around since the popularity of Red Bull has been on the rise.  Stimulants mixed with alcohol combat the relaxing nature of the mixed drink.  All this does is to get your mind wrapped up chasing this and encourages you to purchase more.  Shun the stimulants and the wallet will be thankful for it.

Red Wine

There has been a reason why this has been with man almost from the start of civilized time.  Wine used to be the fluid of choice because of the dubious health nature of water in certain regions of the world.  The alcohol would provide an environment inhospitable to many diseases.  Now it is a drink of elegance with a multitude of variations.  Besides health benefits, this drink prop open the doorway to conversations and chances with the ladies that would normally not be there with an elegance not normally seen at the bar.

So back to one of the greatest ever.  His last choice to end his career is some tomato can.  His foe has lost three of his last six fights.  There are many conspiracy theories going around and some make great sense.  Since this “last” fight is on free tv, Floyd wanted to demonstrate to the world some of his aggression.  To do so, he needs a really safe fight to do so.  Now here is where the tin foil hat brigade barges in and say that this is because it is not his last fight.  He wants one more Manny payday but Pac-Man will not be ready by September to do so.  So why not sell this reboot of Mayweather in hopes of reclaiming those disheartened with the first PPV purchase.  Makes dollars and cents which is what Floyd is all about.  Good fortune today and we will see you next time here at The Brink.