The Brink : Bulls Fire Thibodeau

While the coach may get part of the success when the team does well, he almost certainly shoulders too much of the blame when things go south.  Even when a skipper does little wrong, it is the easier to ditch him than to cut your star players.  This is what happened in the Windy City when one of the better coaches in the league met his demise after five seasons.  In this edition of the Brink, we will look at the mistake in Chicago and the ones we sometimes make when we drink.

The Rolling of the Eyes

What probably got Thibodeau fired in the end was the gentle rolling of the eyes in the locker room and huddle.  Much like going to a party empty handed gets that toe tapping frustration from the hostess.  You wont be asked to leave right then and there but your time is numbered.

No Telling Ice in his Veins

No one really knew what Tom could do with a full deck.  He demonstrated vast skill at creating game plans with short handed lineups.  What the world could not see was how much ice he had in him when he had a full armada to set sail with.  Did you know that Rose played less than half of the games Tom coached?  What sealed his fate was two items.  One is that Rose kept coming back which made moving on virtually impossible.  Second is that the players took over last year and wanted a high scoring team.

In the end, a defensive minded team day in and day out makes for a shorter life expectancy for a NBA coach.  Pros like to take nights off, go clubbing, and sometimes just chuck it during the season.  Hard work had finally gotten to the Bulls.  The change was necessary but Chicago comes out the loser in this situation.  Make sure you optimize your chances by wagering at America’s Bookie.  Generous promotions and rapid cashouts make it the place to wager on the NBA Finals.