The Art of Winning

Today we wanted to talk about the fine line between winning and losing. The reason we bring this up is because of the 2 epic meltdowns in the last week from the Giants and the Chiefs. Both games were very similar in that you had a young team that was trying to beat an experienced champion and although they were up to task physically they certainly went ready for the moment mentally.

I’m sure we have all played sports at certain level. At the beginning it’s more about who is more skilled physically but as you get to the higher levels the winners are the players or teams that have more “Between the Ears”. The Giants outplayed the Cowboys for all but the last 7 seconds and the Chiefs out played the Broncos for all but the last 30 seconds. That really doesn’t matter however as all that matters is the final score. Both teams of young players “panicked” at the moment of truth. The Chiefs fumbled the game away and the Giants had numerous mind boggling mental errors that cost the game.

When it was tennis pro it was very simple, if you didn’t believe you could beat the other guy you certainly couldn’t. You might feel that you outplayed the guy but both he and both knew who was going to win the match. My first pro match was against a guy named Armand Molino who was ranked 220 in the world and was seeded number one. I was hustling, out hitting him and he was just back there “yawning” at me and getting the ball back ,cuz he knew that this young Punk would fold up like a “cheap suit” when push came to shove. How did I feel that I was outplaying him and lost 6-0 6-0.How did the Giants win the turnover battle at 3-0, and have the defense score 17 points and still lose the game? How did the Chiefs blow an early 14 point lead and let the Broncos go right down the field and then fumble the ball on the way to overtime? I’ll tell you how. The belief that you can and will find a way to win at the moment of truth.

I always like to quote the famous Sam “Mayday” Malone form the TV show Cheers. He was asking his buddies what he was known for when he as a pitcher. One guy said “Drinking yourself under the table?” another said “Chasing everything in a skirt?” Another said “Giving up tape measure homeruns?”He said “NOOOOOOOOO, coming through in the cluth”.Coming through in the clutch is when it all slows down and you find a peaceful positive feeling, and you KNOW that you will be successful and have the courage to win. Losing is easy, winning takes courage. I hate to admit it, but Tony Romo and Jason Witten knew that the game was over once they got the ball back. Peyton Manning knew he was going to score. That tennis player was laughing at me knew he was going to win. Eli of all people who is usually clutch, panicked and didn’t even know what the score was, how many timeout the Cowboys had, and told the back not to score.

He must’ve had Super bowl flashbacks to Armad Bradshaw. The kicker choked the kickoff. The OC called for a pass, Coughlin didn’t overrule. The defense wasn’t even on the field. Why?? Because they knew that they weren’t yet worthy to beat the Cowboys. The Chiefs did the same things. It’s the same team that has been good for few years now and win Thursday might’ve shifted the balance of power in the AFC West .They weren’t ready for that deep down in their collective subconscious and felt more comfortable losing. Your brain controls your body so the interceptions and fumbles were a byproduct of their construct systems, and the team that more prepared to win was the winner.

Maybe all the stuff in the book “The Secret” is hocus pocus, but when it applies to sports and how your mind and body work together, I promise you it is very real. In summary if you believe you will win you have a shot to do so and if you don’t you most certainly wont.

When you placing your bets at America’s Bookie this weekend look for teams and players that know how though win ,not how to lose; and you yourself better believe in your bets and not just place stupid action bets ,because that will surely make you’re a loser not a winner in the long run.

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