Tennis Week 9-28

There were 2 winners last week as Raonic beat Sousa in Russia and Tsonga beat Simon in France. This got us to thinking as they say on ESPN, that if you combine the skill set of the 2 players you could create a “Super Tennis Player”. The reason we say is because Raonic is very steady and cerebral and Tsonga is athletic and freewheeling and sometimes loses focus. Each player has the skill set that the other player could use to finally get over the hump and win a Grand Slam.

We love Raonic; he has a big and consistent first serve and usually “clocks” his second serve as well and gets a high percentage in. We have in the past however said that his “lumbering “style is his liability. He needs to drop maybe 10 lbs and get in touch with a track and field coach or any sort of expert in another sport that could work on his speed. A good tennis coach could help change his footwork as well. In my day everyone like Connors, Evert or Gerulaitas took little tiny steps and slid side to side. My college coach made us do a drill, in which we had to say in our heads “Bounce bounce, shuffle shuffle, stop, step, hit”. Nowadays all this out the window with the new racquets and power games. When I went to Europe I couldn’t believe people were hitting forehands from the back hand corner. In France the forehand is called “the Right” and the backhand the reverse. What does that tell you? work the point ill you can get in position (or out of position) to rip your forehand. This is Raonic’s style but if he was more like Tsonga, who is a great athlete on the court, and moves so well, he would be able to get the next level.
As well as Tsonga goes, he is the opposite .He is too gifted and athletic and sometimes has too many shots to choose from and loses focus. He needs to “dial it in more”. He plays his best tennis when he just trys to win points and not play to the crowd and show off a bit. He is not nearly as brain dead as his countrymen Gael Monfils; but Tsonga does have some showman in him and needs to focus on winning one point at a time, which is what the other guy in the piece Raonic is best at. Milos just holds his serve, tries to take a few chances when returning, and then trys to win tiebreaks.

So as you can see if want your son to become a tennis star, hopefully he is a decent athlete and then teach him good footwork and then the deciding factor will be in today’s tennis world you need at least one weapon. If you don’t have that weapon or you will wind up like guys like Tommy Robredo, David Goffin or yours truly and struggle to win cuz although you never miss, you never can end the point as well.

This week we are in Kuala Lumpur and Shenzhen China. Don‘t forget to call up America’s Bookie and get in your bets this week on those tourney .See you next week.

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