Tennis Betting Tips

The players are still enjoying their time off. Actually there are some working hard at this time of year on their games and getting their bodies in shape. Remember a few years ago when Agassi and then Verdasco hired the same coach to run up mountains with them. That is not our concern for right now as we wanted to give you a few tips on tennis betting so that when the guys get back to work after Christmas you will have a profitable betting season at America’s Bookie.

First of all you need to know how players match up against each other. You can rely on your memory, if you are tennis fan or simply lookup the head to head records on the internet. Tennis is like boxing and styles always match a fight. Some players just can’t beat other players and it gets into their heads at crunch time. You can play well and still lose and most of the time when you are betting on tennis there is no point spread only money lines. We have quoted the famous Vitas Gerulaitas line before but it is worth repeating cuz his line was that good. After finally beating Jimmy Connors after losing 16 times in row to him around 35 years ago, he was asked by a reporter “Why did win today?” He answered in tough voice, ”NOBODY!!! beats Vitas Gerulaitas 17 times in row”. Ah Vitas, I miss you, you were the best.

Anyway back to betting. The next thing you need to do is read the odds. You need to get value on your bets. In tennis, on any given day either player can win, believe me I know. So if you see someone in the tourney that is playing well, has beaten the favorite before and you are getting great odds, those are the players you want to bet on. We had Lisicki over Serena at Wimbledon a few years ago at 10-1. She loves the grass, was hot at the time, Serena gets tight when pushed and we were getting 10-1 on our money. This isn’t’ rocket science here.

Thirdly, if you do want to bet the favorite the same thing applies, look at the odds. We usually don’t like to take favorites more then -200. It’s just not financially feasible. Sometimes however if you 99% certain that your guy is going to win you may go into the low 200s cuz what is the point of risking 3 to one on your money, because as we said anyone can win on a given day especially against someone who is a small favorite.

Courts surfaces are extremely important as well. Sometimes during Roland Garros and Wimbledon the odds are way off based on a person’s reputation, not his skill to play on that particular surface. Americans playing against anyone with a name you can’t pronounce with too many vowels in their name will struggle on clay, and the same applies to these “dirtballers” when you put them on grass.

5th on our list is consistency and finding someone who is fighter. These 2 kinda go hand and hand cuz someone who always gives you 100% like David Ferrer always gives you a fighting chance and usually is very consistent as well. Guys like Janowicz and Gulbis can play good one day then suck the next. This is not good for your betting acct’s bank roll.

Last but not least stay away from the challenger and satellite events. These guys are just learning the game, could have food poising or home sickness, and are just too hard to get a read on even if you think you know then well. When we were betting horses we always made more money betting on “Stakes Races” then the $5000 Claimers.
We hope you are enjoying your holiday season we will back next week and in only 2 weeks we will give you a live pick as the tour gets underway again “Down Under”, during New Year’s week. Take care guys.

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