Super Bowl LIII | Can’t Miss Prop Bets

Props from Brad:

The Patriots and Rams are set to do battle at 6.30 ET tonight and there is one guarantee, Six billion dollars will be spent on prop bets in the US alone! That’s a staggering number and one has to question, why so much on prop bets? They win, and they win consistently.

Take a look at Sportsbook Rules | Betting Super Bowl Props

The spread, moneyline and totals are still fun bets, we get it. Bettors like a routine and they seldom stray, however, this might be the best year to venture off course and mix it up a little. There are literally hundreds of props available and if you don’t know them, then dial up the bookie and check them out. Here are a couple that come highly recommended.

Will there be a safety? This prop is a simple YES or NO proposition. It comes with great odds on YES at +555. NO is set at -1000. Obviously, the odds makers think very highly of the idea that says there will not be a safety.

Many of you will remember the recent Super Bowl that featured the Broncos vs. Seahawks. This was Peyton Manning’s first year as a Bronco and they tore it up that season. Most folks thought the Broncos would easily win, wow, were they wrong! The Broncos were shelled in that game and the first play from scrimmage was a safety. At +555, this bet seems like not only a fun prop to root for, but a big money-maker at the same time.

Joe has given you a Free Pick for Super Bowl LIII

Number of touchdowns scored by both teams combined. Over 6½ -135. This is a prop bet that carries .35 cents worth of juice but will most likely be well worth the investment. The Patriots are scoring 27 points per game this season and the Rams are scoring 32. That’s 59 points, 7 X 8 = 56.

This Super Bowl most likely scores a ton of points and along with it, a ton of touchdowns. This prop is a good one. Don’t like the juice? You can take over 7½ for +150! This is a much better deal on the money, however, there must be at least 8 combined touchdown. Both bets seem like a great option.

No matter what you decide to do, the import thing is to have fun. Don’t lay all of your betting eggs on the spread, or for that matter, the total. There is certainly a lot of money to be made if you play your cards right. Check out all of this year’s many prop bets and cash in.

Props from Joe:

I’m not going to explain my prop bets as much as Brad did, but I am going to lay a few out there for you for Super Bowl LIII to mull over. Some of these bets I like the value on, while others I like the outcome.

Total Turnovers by Both Teams:

Over 2.5 -150

Under 2.5 +120

Bet Over 2.5 – I like this one to go OVER in the first half…aka…I really like this bet

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Will there be a Successful 2 Point conversion?

Yes Successful 2 Point conversion +210

No Successful 2 Point conversion -260

Bet Yes Successful 2 Point conversion +210 – with the aggressive nature of today’s coaches, along with the issues seen by kickers this season, there is a good chance a 2 pt conversion will be attempted, and if there is one, I am banking on it being successful.

James White (NE) Total Receptions:

Over 6 -165

Under 6 +135

Bet Over 6 -165

James White (NE) Total Receiving Yards:

Over 55.5 -130

Under 55.5 EVEN

Bet Over 55.5 -130 – looking back on the Rams last game, Alvin Kamara had 11 catches for 96 yards. As well, Brady loves to use White in the same manner Brees likes to use Kamara. Pound these two props on James White.